Senin, 16 April 2012

New Hair

Finally decided to cut my hair! I just have it trimmed a little to get to my previous hair style. As usual, My hair look best in shaggy. Oh, I also cut my bangs, I've been in no-bangs period for quite long time (5 months if I'm not mistaken) because I wanted to try living with no-bangs. Haha, it worked well with me, especially with my wide forehead, no one noticed that (at least no one mocked me :p). But, the shortfall is that it got oily easily since my skin is combination one (it will only gets oily on the T-zone), and I hate that. So, I told the hair stylist to cut my bangs short, just above my eyebrow. I feel fresher now!



don't notice the change? well, it's tidier :p
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