Selasa, 25 Juni 2013

Lancome Advanced Genefique

Hi! I'm back with another blog post. Whoa, so diligent these days.. (Thanks to scheduled post, LOL).

So, I bet that most of you are already familiar with LANCÔME, especially GÉNIFIQUE. An innovative hybrid in skincare technology – the skin-perfecting properties of a serum infused in an exquisitely hydrating cream. Containing a unique complex, this formula intensely hydrates and promotes skin's natural exfoliation, a characteristic of young skin.

I already tried it, though it's only sample-size product (5ml). I like the gel texture of the serum, plus it absorbs  really fast! No more sticky feeling. I used this serum as my very first step in skin care, followed by cream and sunscreen.

This picture is taken from my impression post about LANCÔME Beauty Bloggers Duel.

So, what's new?

LANCÔME has released its New Advanced Génifique for smoother and more radiant skin that you can see and feel. First results in just 7 days! It's an exclusive innovation: the advanced self-loading dropper that gives you the perfect dose of serum for each application. It also claims to be able to reactivate the 10 key signs of youth, day and night. This innovative formula, featuring Génifique’s powerful new complex with added biotechnology-derived ingredient, is incredible to the touch.

If you ask the price, well, it's pricey. But I believe price is one of the way to define quality. It costs $82, but do you know that it took 13 years and $ 13 Billion to invest in research for this product? 

As my previous post told you before, this product is also developed with stem cell technology. Yes, LANCÔME is a cosmetic brand which prioritize research and development. And this product is a result of the potential relation between Gen (Genomics) and Protein (Proteomics). The latest research and innovation then creates the upgrade of Lancôme Genifique, which is ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE .

More than 25.000 gen and 1.000 protein are used in this research. And for the first time, the scientists at LANCÔME identified role of gen and protein to fix 6 main function of our skin:
  1. Unbalanced Skin Barrier
  2. Structure/ Biosynthesis
  3. Anti-Oxidation
  4. Defence
  5. Exfoliation
  6. Hydration
Six points above are the unseen parameter to help your skin to stay young. Hmmm, let me check mine first, LOL.

What's more exciting is that this ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE is clinically proven to improve and activate 10 visual and tactile signs so that your skin can stay young. You can definitely use this both at mornings and nights.

What are the differences of this ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE and (previous) GÉNIFIQUE?

  1. Ingredients
    The answer is that ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE has 40% more active ingredients in  order to achieve faster and more effective skin rejuvenation. 
  2. Texture
    ADVANCED GÉNIFIQUE has fresher scent which absorbs faster to your skin.
  3. Design
    The design of the bottle doesn't change much, but now it has engraving logo of Lancôme Rose on both cap and droppers. I bet it must be beautiful! Moreover, it has self-loading droppers so the dose of each usage can be automatically drawn perfectly. 

1, 7, and 8!

What makes me curious the most is that it claims to show the effect right after the first drop of usage! It says that after that, our skin will be smoother, firmer, and brighter. After 7 days of routine use, we can notice the significant difference of younger skin. And after 8 weeks, 10 signs of skin rejuvenation are clearly shown on our skin.

I'm curious about this, how about you?

Senin, 24 Juni 2013

Kérastase Initialiste

As I told you previously on my post about Stem CellL’Oréal discovered the existence of 2 stem cells pools at the hair follicle's level. This discovery thus lead Kérastase to introduce us to its latest product which claims to be the first serum that creates perfect hair.

Kérastase Initialiste

This super product has the concept to impulse the growth of a more beautiful and stronger hair at its source The first serum that creates perfect hair.

This product is a revolutionary care product which is inspired by regenerating medicine and cosmetics.
Kérastase takes up the major capillary challenge and creates the first concentrate which generates at its source the growth of a stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair. A formula developed as a skincare serum and which fits with scalp’ specificity. It integrates the Regenerator Complex ® to improve the growth quality of hair at its source :
-Optimize the production of hair matter from its roots
-Strengthen resistance and elasticity of capillary fiber. Acting both on hair ‘s present and future is now possible. 

After 1 week, hair is stronger, more tonic as it was revitalized. After 1 month, hair quality gets improved visibly : shinier, more beautiful, hair is more resistant : Helps reduce brushing breakage by 93%

Why so successful?
·         High concentration of active ingredients for high efficiency
·         Multi actions
·         Potentialization of daily care
·         Ultra fluid texture for a rapid penetration

Whoa, I'm curious about this product! Seriously. Ever since I dyed my hair, I feel that my hair is having its bad time ever. The ends are dry and I experienced medium-to-major hair loss. I'm stressful.

What's greater from this product is its major innovation. This product is created by combining stem cells research and plant biotechnology. OMG. Sounds sooo sophisticated and promising right?

What's so special about Initialiste? It's the REGENERATOR COMPLEX ®!

For the first time, KERASTASE creates the REGENERATOR COMPLEX ® that integrates the extraordinary potential of plants’ native cells, true « life pools », for the hair beauty : to make it grow more beautiful and stronger. Imagined and developed as a skincare serum, the formula integrates the Regenerator Complex ® It optimizes the production of hair fiber from its roots and reinforces resistance and elasticity of hair fiber for a perfect hair.

It contains millions of plants' native cells from Malus Domestica (a millenary known apple), famous for its exceptional conservation property. And not to forget that it also contains anti-oxydant polyphenols to ensure the stem cells' environment protection against oxydative stress like pollution and UV light.

Inspired  by Skin Care Serum

Its delicately opalescent and ultra-light texture transforms at the application to melt perfectly with skin. Actives ingredients reach the first stem cells pool where they spread all their regenerating power. INITIALISTE offers to hair a true experience of coolness and voluptuousness. It also claims to have quick-penetration function and non-oily touch. 

This product is highly inspired by the success of skin care serums like LANCÔME Génifique, YSL Forever Youth Liberator, Dior Capture R60/80 XP, and Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+.


Now, not only skin has super serum, but also hair, thanks to Kérastase.

The scent of Initialiste is also highly inspired by Beyond Paradise perfume by Estee Lauder. Its soft, fresh and sophisticated fragrance reminds skincare universe.

How to use it?  Thank God, it's leave-in formula, which means, we don't have to rinse our hair after the application. 1 bottle of Initialiste can be used for 5 weeks of treatment.

So, to sum it all, I can conclude these statements to describe Kérastase Initialiste: 

« Its the first serum that will act as a fertilizer for hair that grows stronger and more beautiful »
« For the first time we act directly on the cause, and not just the symptoms »
« We prepare the future, the hair will be stronger to confront different aggressions! Brushings, coloring, etc.» « Its for all women and its complimentary to the rest of the range»

I'm waiting to try this product by myself soon enough!

Are you excited to try it too? Tell me!

Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Baby Color Super Yogurt Pink

Hi everyone! I would like to update you with my current life first. So I experienced blurred vision around a month ago, which lead me to check my eyesight to few optics.

Actually, the first optic said that L: -2.75 and R: -1.5. I was like "WHATTTT??" Yep, I've never used any glasses or contact lense all my life. So, it's kinda surprising if my eyesight was that bad. Anyway, it was 'unknown' optic in Blok M Square. I was there since I was also visiting Ennichisai 2013.

After that, finally I went to Optik Seis and ask the lady to check my eyesight. Of course, I told her that I've never used any glasses or contact lense. Surprisingly, the result was still high, though it wasn't as high as the first. But this time, the lady is very responsible and reliable. Because she knew that I never wore any kinds of  glasses or contact lense to help me see, she decided to proceed with manual test (reading test). After that, the result is L: -1.00 and  R: -0.5


That makes sense, finally.

So, I would like to try soft lense to help me see clearer.

And suddenly, mygeolens offered me to try this Baby Color Super Yogurt soft lens! Yay!

Mygeolens is softlens supplier who has been selling since 2008. Moreover, they sell it all at affordable price! Mygeolens kindly offered me Baby Color Super Yogurt. I was so excited since the design is very cute and the diameter is very big!
And though this lens are given for review purpose, as usual I will give my objective review~

Jumat, 21 Juni 2013

Stem Cells for Beauty: Latest Technology for Hair from Kérastase

Are you familiar with "stem cell" ? 

Well, if you're not, then let's do the high-five! Yeah, because I have (almost) no idea about it. Call me fake-beauty-blogger, but, err... I don't know much about it. Thus, I've done some research. 

So, in a sentence, stem cells are biological cells found in all multicellular organism, that can divide (through mitosis) and differentiate into diverse specialized cell types and can self-renew to produce more stem cells (Gosh, thanks to Wikipedia!). All those words might be confusing, so in short, stem cells are mother cells which have the potential to transform into any type of cell in our body. The highlight is its ability to self-renew or multiply while maintaining its potential to develop into other types of cells. For example, stem cells can transform into the cells of blood, heart, bones, and SKIN.

Indeed, these cells multiply infinitely to regenerate and repair the skin in case of an aggression. They create and maintain life.
These cells are very precious, but also very fragile: the number of stem cells does not decrease with age. It is their functionality which is reduced due to internal and external aggression. It is, therefore, essential to protect stem cells, their environment and their regenerating power.

In terms of beauty, stem cells is believed to closely linked to support youthfulness or anti-aging feature. This trend can be seen these days from the skin care beauty brands under the nickname "Super Serum" just like LANCÔME Génifique and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair do. Super serums enabled the skincare market to find new areas of growth and imposed themselves as a new incontestable step in women’s care routine. 

Surprisingly, after 24 years of research, the Recherche Avancée L’Oréal discovered the existence of 2 stem cells pools at the hair follicle’s level. This discovery thus lead Kérastase to introduce us its latest product which claims to be the first serum that creates perfect hair.

What is the latest product from Kérastase?

Stay tuned for the next post! I'll reveal it there. :)

Minggu, 16 Juni 2013

Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush


Hello! I've got a package from WISHtrend around 2 weeks ago! Yay! I know it's my Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush
I've been waiting for this item anyway, so let's review it!

Minggu, 09 Juni 2013

Battle of Rachel K CC Cream Shades: Original VS Neutral

Hello everyone! Finally back for blogging anyway. I'd like to share my experience using CC Cream by Rachel K! 

Are you already familiar enough with CC Cream?

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

3-Day Short Trip to Central Java - DAY 2: Solo

Hello, hello!

Back with long postponed travel diary of mine!
So I'll talk about my day 2 and 3 of my Central Java short trip. I was in Solo and on the last day decided to spend a day in Jogja.

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