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Kérastase Initialiste

As I told you previously on my post about Stem CellL’Oréal discovered the existence of 2 stem cells pools at the hair follicle's level. This discovery thus lead Kérastase to introduce us to its latest product which claims to be the first serum that creates perfect hair.

Kérastase Initialiste

This super product has the concept to impulse the growth of a more beautiful and stronger hair at its source The first serum that creates perfect hair.

This product is a revolutionary care product which is inspired by regenerating medicine and cosmetics.
Kérastase takes up the major capillary challenge and creates the first concentrate which generates at its source the growth of a stronger, shinier and more beautiful hair. A formula developed as a skincare serum and which fits with scalp’ specificity. It integrates the Regenerator Complex ® to improve the growth quality of hair at its source :
-Optimize the production of hair matter from its roots
-Strengthen resistance and elasticity of capillary fiber. Acting both on hair ‘s present and future is now possible. 

After 1 week, hair is stronger, more tonic as it was revitalized. After 1 month, hair quality gets improved visibly : shinier, more beautiful, hair is more resistant : Helps reduce brushing breakage by 93%

Why so successful?
·         High concentration of active ingredients for high efficiency
·         Multi actions
·         Potentialization of daily care
·         Ultra fluid texture for a rapid penetration

Whoa, I'm curious about this product! Seriously. Ever since I dyed my hair, I feel that my hair is having its bad time ever. The ends are dry and I experienced medium-to-major hair loss. I'm stressful.

What's greater from this product is its major innovation. This product is created by combining stem cells research and plant biotechnology. OMG. Sounds sooo sophisticated and promising right?

What's so special about Initialiste? It's the REGENERATOR COMPLEX ®!

For the first time, KERASTASE creates the REGENERATOR COMPLEX ® that integrates the extraordinary potential of plants’ native cells, true « life pools », for the hair beauty : to make it grow more beautiful and stronger. Imagined and developed as a skincare serum, the formula integrates the Regenerator Complex ® It optimizes the production of hair fiber from its roots and reinforces resistance and elasticity of hair fiber for a perfect hair.

It contains millions of plants' native cells from Malus Domestica (a millenary known apple), famous for its exceptional conservation property. And not to forget that it also contains anti-oxydant polyphenols to ensure the stem cells' environment protection against oxydative stress like pollution and UV light.

Inspired  by Skin Care Serum

Its delicately opalescent and ultra-light texture transforms at the application to melt perfectly with skin. Actives ingredients reach the first stem cells pool where they spread all their regenerating power. INITIALISTE offers to hair a true experience of coolness and voluptuousness. It also claims to have quick-penetration function and non-oily touch. 

This product is highly inspired by the success of skin care serums like LANCÔME Génifique, YSL Forever Youth Liberator, Dior Capture R60/80 XP, and Estee Lauder Perfectionist CP+.


Now, not only skin has super serum, but also hair, thanks to Kérastase.

The scent of Initialiste is also highly inspired by Beyond Paradise perfume by Estee Lauder. Its soft, fresh and sophisticated fragrance reminds skincare universe.

How to use it?  Thank God, it's leave-in formula, which means, we don't have to rinse our hair after the application. 1 bottle of Initialiste can be used for 5 weeks of treatment.

So, to sum it all, I can conclude these statements to describe Kérastase Initialiste: 

« Its the first serum that will act as a fertilizer for hair that grows stronger and more beautiful »
« For the first time we act directly on the cause, and not just the symptoms »
« We prepare the future, the hair will be stronger to confront different aggressions! Brushings, coloring, etc.» « Its for all women and its complimentary to the rest of the range»

I'm waiting to try this product by myself soon enough!

Are you excited to try it too? Tell me!

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