Sabtu, 22 Juni 2013

Baby Color Super Yogurt Pink

Hi everyone! I would like to update you with my current life first. So I experienced blurred vision around a month ago, which lead me to check my eyesight to few optics.

Actually, the first optic said that L: -2.75 and R: -1.5. I was like "WHATTTT??" Yep, I've never used any glasses or contact lense all my life. So, it's kinda surprising if my eyesight was that bad. Anyway, it was 'unknown' optic in Blok M Square. I was there since I was also visiting Ennichisai 2013.

After that, finally I went to Optik Seis and ask the lady to check my eyesight. Of course, I told her that I've never used any glasses or contact lense. Surprisingly, the result was still high, though it wasn't as high as the first. But this time, the lady is very responsible and reliable. Because she knew that I never wore any kinds of  glasses or contact lense to help me see, she decided to proceed with manual test (reading test). After that, the result is L: -1.00 and  R: -0.5


That makes sense, finally.

So, I would like to try soft lense to help me see clearer.

And suddenly, mygeolens offered me to try this Baby Color Super Yogurt soft lens! Yay!

Mygeolens is softlens supplier who has been selling since 2008. Moreover, they sell it all at affordable price! Mygeolens kindly offered me Baby Color Super Yogurt. I was so excited since the design is very cute and the diameter is very big!
And though this lens are given for review purpose, as usual I will give my objective review~

As you can see, it has very cute floral pattern. Though it's pink, the end result is very very natural. I am newbie in wearing soft lens, but my friends can't even hardly recognized me wearing this! They said it looks really natural, my eyes but better (and bigger)!

And since I'm newbie. I gotta say that despite of its diameter, I feel really really comfortable wearing this. First time, yes, of course it's a bit uncomfortable (like an hour), but after that, there were no more problem. I have been using this for 14 days and no problem so far.

Manufacturer:  Baby Color
Country: South Korea
Diameter: 21.80 mm
Water content: 62%
Expiry time: 12 months 

I chose this soft lens because of the diameter and also the high water content. I swear that despite of its gigantic diameter, this softlens is really comfortable on my eyes. I know that it's not good to wear soft lens for more than 8 hours. But, uhm, to be honest, due to my working hours, I often forget and lazy to put it off. So I often ended up wearing this soft lens for almost 14 hours. And, yes. Still no problem. No itch, redness, or irritation.

See? Very recommended!

Ah, wanna see the difference between my eyes with and without this soft lens? Here it is.

It shows huge difference, yet still managed to look natural on me. My right eye popped out more than the left one by using this.

And here are me, camwhoring with this cute soft lens!

under natural sun light

room light

room light

natural sun light
 If you're interested in this soft lens, you can purchase it on Mygeolens for only Rp 67.500/ bottle or Rp 135.000/ pair! So affordable right? I'm planning to try other lens too, since they sell  all of its lens at very affordable prices!

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  1. I think it looks good on you.
    Btw I never tried any soft lens :p

    Don't forget to visit & follow my blog ^^

  2. Hey there, I'm sell that super yoghurt just for IDR125
    More affordable right ?
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    Thankyou Before!

  3. Hey there, I'm sell that super yoghurt just for IDR125
    More affordable right ?
    You can make sure to check my Online Shop Twitter Account!
    Thankyou Before!


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