Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow

Hi! It's been a while since I updated my blog. Well, I guess I am enjoying my vacation too much. I came back to my hometown; Palembang, and has been strolling around for around two weeks for celebrating Idul Fitri with my family. 

Last week, I came to one of my friends' house; Nana's. Every time I come to her house she always show me her new make up items and let me try them, see, how kind! Hehe, this time she let me try her new Make up For Ever Aqua Shadow in Pearly Copper 22E. Actually, I also tried Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes 0L (Mat Black), but I guess I will share it later.

22E Pearly Copper is a warm coppery brown with a subtly metallic finish

Make Up For Ever Aqua Shadow seems to fill a thin lines between the eyeliner and cream shadow, it is a chubby pencils but can cover more areas in your eyes than eyeliner. I find that the formula of Aqua Shadow is less creamy than any other pencil eye shadow and it's also easy to be blended.

The Aqua Eyes Eye Shadow glides on easy but not as slippery as other eye pencils I've ever tried on. From what I've read on the other beauty blog and online review, it is probably because of the high wax content which keep your eye shadow long-lasting and water-proof. 

Still I find drawback of this product as it's hard to blend with your fingers or brushes.

After wearing this for a few hours (about 6 hours), I love that it last before some creasing! I didn't use any eye primer though. What I love the most is the creasing. The creasing is unlike any other eye product (since I have oily eye lid), it's more like the color was still there, only weakened. 

 Here is the comparison of it right after the application, 4 hours later, and 6 hours later on the back of my hand. The Aqua Eyes was also being swatched next to Aqua Shadow.

 right after the application

 after 4 hours of wearing 

after 6 hours of wearing

Well, overall I can say that I love this product. This will be perfect for on-the-go since the application is easy. The only thing that I hate about this product is its price :p It will cost around Rp 250.000,00 (as my friend told me) for a pencil. But I guess that's the price for quality. Hehe.

Jumat, 10 Agustus 2012


Guess that lately I am so lucky that I won a few prizes including quiz and competition. Haha. That's the joy of twitter, anyway. So this time I was so lucky to attend GRAZIA Day with POND'S on 14th of July, 2012. It was held at The Pond's Institute, which luckily located near my residence.

The event started with the skin check pre-treatment. My friend; Reni was so lucky to be checked on The Pond's Institute's newly-arrived machine which including more comprehensive check on our skin. It can even detect where are the sensitive parts of our face in detailed result. Me, was being checked on different machine, but it's still OK anyway. :p

So, first you'll be photographed and then the checker will place the device to check your skin. From what I've heard, here are the brief result of my skin condition:

  • My skin is combination type where the T-zone is oily and U-zone is dry. Unfortunately, my U-zone is almost dehydrated. I don't know why since I don't spend most of my time in air-conditioned places and I always apply moisturizer day and night. She said that I should wear more moisturizer.
  • My skin elasticity is still very good, that's the good of being young haha. She said that though I have visible smile-lines, I don't have to worry much about that since there are few people who was born that way (it's not wrinkle).
  • The dark spots are not found yet on my skin's surface, but when she checked the deeper layer of my skin (which is underneath the outer layer of my skin), there are so many dark spots potential. She advised me to always wear sunscreen in order to prevent the dark spots to show up earlier.
Overall, she said that my skin condition is still fine. I just have to stick to my daily beauty routine of always applying moisturizer and sunscreen. Yay, so happy!

skin check

After the skin check, we were escorted to enjoy the brunch. Yum, the food was so delicious.


After enjoying enough brunch, the MCs invited us to sit down and join the main event, which was the talk show by dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK. He talked about skin aging, he was so funny and communicative, lots of joke during the session.

the funny doctor

After that, there was two more talks by Unilever's representatives and Grazia's fashion director; Monik. And, there was doorprize announcement and some mini games. I bet that most of you must be familiar with Grazia's signature games; Fashion Sudoku. So, me and my friend joined the Fashion Sudoku, but we didn't win. Still, Grazia was generous enough since they gave us a gift, too. Then we went straight upstairs to enjoy free facial treatment by Pond's.

We chose the facial room for two. Haha! Perfect for friends like me and Reni. The interior is nice and clean though. The therapist said that my treatment will be done with Flawless White series which is designed for young woman under 30. The other two; Age Miracle and Gold Radiance are supposed for the older women who are more than 30 and for those who concern about early signs of skin aging.

the interior and devices

So, the therapist said to me that we could only enjoy the regular facial treatment, not the fully one since the time was not enough. It was my first time for facial, anyway. I was so excited! The treatment began with the cleansing, then followed by scrubbing, application of mask, serum, and moisturizer. I felt like I was born again! Hahaha. Unfortunately, my friend did not feel the same. She has extra-sensitive skin that when the therapist was applying the mask, she felt like her face was burnt. Oh, poor you, my dear friend. She has talked to me that her skin was irritated when she tried using Pond's before.

my face after facial

I gotta say that I feel my skin was so soft and glowing after the treatment. I love the mask, but forgot to ask the therapist about that since as far as I know, Pond's does not have any mask product. The eye serum, which I believe to be the Flawless White Series, was also feel so good on my under eye area. Overall, I love this treatment by Pond's.

So that's the end of it! Actually this facial treatment was only available for the first 20 people who re-registered, the other 10 can come back and make a reservation for free treatment, but not that day. There was also a nail art service but I was in hurry so I did not try that. Hehe.
a guy was served for a really cute nail art

random pictures

Of course, there is a goodie bag from that event and some freebies (from joining Fashion Sudoku and being the earliest attendees!). Here it is!

it consists of:
A set of Pond's Gold Radiance Series (Day Cream and Night Repair)
A Facial Treatment Voucher for two worth until Rp 240.000,00
A Gold Pouch along with Pond's Gold Radiance Eye Cream
Paul & Joe Creamy Compact Foundation (will be reviewed soon)

I guess that's the end of it. Hope that I can join another exciting event like this. And I also love the Foundation, hihi. 

Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

CLEO Cinema Day with REVLON

On July 7th, 2012, I'm lucky to attend this event presented by CLEO and REVLON at Gandaria City. It was a cinema day, watching The Amazing Spiderman at IMAX XXI Gandaria City with fellow beauty bloggers and CLEO readers. I guess some of you may question why Revlon is there? LOL. Well, one of the main cast in The Amazing Spiderman; Emma Stone, who acted as Gwen Stacy, the love interest of young Peter Parker. Nah, Emma Stone is the brand ambassador for Revlon. Got it now?

To be honest, I am never been a fan of any superheroes and its movies. So, when this movie became a hype, I just stayed calm, until I found out that it's Emma Stone who act as Gwen Stacy! YAY! I am always be a big fan of her ever since. She's so funny and she always know how to dress properly. So, at first I tried my luck on CLEO's quiz. Sadly, I failed. Well, not until I saw Stella's post on IBB's FB group. Hihi. Actually, I was late on that (it was posted in the evening, and I just saw it late night), fortunately enough, I could make it.

So, I went to Gandaria City with one of my friends; Reni. We were never been to Gandaria City before, so we ended up coming so late (it was 9 AM, but we came around 10.30 AM), I met Shella, who was late like me. Haha. Another luck, we did not miss that much of the movie and I could still understand the plot.

Well, the movie was awesome (for someone who came up late like me), there are tons of kissing scene haha, and I love Blondie Emma Stone! She always look pretty as usual.

After done watching the movie, we were escorted to METRO Department Store where the Revlon Photoready Collection Pre Launching Event held. At first we have to re-register ourselves then we were welcomed by mini snacks and drinks. The launched products were shown in a train case like this.

tempting, eh?

at the photo booth

There was also mini games where I won one goodie bag from CLEO (yay!) and it continued with the make-up demo by a make-up artist whom the name that I forgot (sorry!). He was using the whole REVLON Photoready collection starting from the Primer, Foundation, until the Eyeshadow and Blush. The model was gorgeous, though. What amazed me the most was the Revlon Photoready Airbrush Mousse Make Up which is so light and results in a very natural look on our face. Its photo-chromatic particles also created some kind of shimmery look which looks a lot like glitter (but it's not). 

the make-up demo session and fashion show by model

While wandering around, one of Revlon's BA offered me a mini make over using some of Revlon Photoready Collection. Hihi, unfortunately I forgot to take before and only has this after look. He put Photoready Airbrush Mousse Makeup, Two Way Powder Foundation, Eye Primer+Brightener (which can also be used as concealer), and Sculpting Blush Palette.

To be honest, the Airbrush Mousse Makeup feel so light on my face while providing medium coverage. The Two Way Powder Foundation, which was applied after the mousse concealed my acne scars completely. I love it! Though I don't find the Eye Primer+Brightener satisfying since it can't cover my dark circles. My favorite among those mentioned products is Sculpting Blush Palette! And it comes in 3-in-1 palette which included Highlighter, Blush, and Contour Blush! Perfect for on the go. Fufufu.

me after the photoready application

So, what's in the goodie bags?

 goodie bags


Well, I gotta say that the things inside goodie bags is A LOT. I got four goodie bags including one from winning the games. As you can see there are purple pouch, pink fan, CDs, Revlon Voucher, Compact Powder, and Hair Dye. Actually, I also got The Amazing Spider Man's movie poster, but when I tried to open it, it was torn. Ah, that's so unfortunate since torn part is Emma Stone's! Grr.

 the torn poster

 Anyway, the only beauty products that I've got are these two: Revlon Colorsilk in Medium Golden Chestnut Brown and Revlon Photoready Two Way Cake Powder Foundation in Medium Beige (will be reviewed soon). I am so happy since I'm planning to dye my hair, though it's not the color that I want, hehe. Moreover, I don't have any compact powder nor any powder foundation. Basically this is the best gift.

That's it. That's all. I thanked Revlon Indonesia and CLEO for making such a nice event and of course, for giving me the freebies. Moreover, I was so happy because I can meet and took a picture together with my most favorite twitter personality; Fatima Alkaff (@ftkf)! See you all on another beauty event!

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