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12 Days of Happiness with Clozette Indonesia & Grand Indonesia

Who doesn't want to be happy? Well, I bet all of you wants to be happy, right? Happiness is everywhere, from the smallest things to bigger things around us.

still happy even after working
As for me, happy is about having beloved people around. I live alone, separated from my parents because I work here in Jakarta. Even though sometimes I feel homesick and miss them, I'm happy that I have my friends and co-workers around. They make work easier and happier!

Being happy is simple, and it's as simple as joining the current contest by Clozette Indonesia & Grand Indonesia, ladies!

For those of you who lives in Jakarta or Indonesia must have known about Grand Indonesia. Yep, the largest shopping mall in South East Asia! I am a big fan of this mall as well ever since I was still in college. And I'm lucky enough to work just a few minutes of walk away from office to this amazing mall!! Yay!

Talking about Grand Indonesia, it collaborates with Clozette Indonesia for 12 Days of Happiness contest.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, one lucky person can win prizes worth Rp 500.000 from participating tenants. Wait, what?

Yes, you just have to visit that cool mall; Grand Indonesia. Then visit participating tenants; Forever 21, Cotton On, The Body Shop, and Beauty Box. After that, snap your picture with desired items from the tenants worth Rp 500.000 and upload it to Clozette Indonesia or your instagram by including #ClozetteID #MyGIWishlist.

DONE! And you just got a chance to win your wishlist items every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from November 21- December 21 2014!

What are you waiting for ladies, come join Clozette Indonesia and win your GI Wishlist!

Pssst... Don't forget to follow Grand Indonesia social media below in order to be eligible to enter the contest!

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  1. hadiahnya keren banget, tp syg cuma ada di GI :/


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