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Natural Honey Pure Lotion

These days, the weather can't be predicted. In the morning it's bright, sunny day then when it's near evening suddenly it rains so hard that we won't dare to go out.

Well, this kind of weather also contribute to the unstable skin condition. Moreover, office lady like me who is always work in air-conditioned room. Lately, I feel that my skin is getting drier and drier.

And I was so glad that BBLOG & Natural Honey sent me this beautiful package!

Let's review it one by one!

1. Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion Moisture Rich

Natural Honey Moisture Rich is rich of natural nutrition to take care of your skin. It contains Pure Honey to lock moisture under your skin and keep it healthy. Besides that, it also contains Olive Oil and Vitamin E in order to make your skin stay soft and fresh.

Its formula is quickly absorbed and not sticky. Apply it to your whole hand and body after shower in order to achieve healthy, fresh, and glowing skin.

The texture is not sticky and it smells soft and nice :)

2. Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion Pure White

Natural Honey Pure White is rich in natural protection for your white, fair skin. It contains Pure Honey in order to make your skin stau soft and healthy. Other ingredients are Yogurt, Vitamin E, B3, and Double UV Protection to inhibit the formation of melanin so that your skin will appear fairer and protect it from UVA and UVB bad effect.

The texture is not sticky and it smells sweet and fresh. Among all Natural Honey variants, I love Pure White fragrance the most.

3. Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion Antioxidant

This Natural Honey Antioxidant is very good for those who do a lot of activities outdoor. I am also one of those women who spend a lot of activities outdoor. A long commute fighting those dust, air pollution, and vehicle emission. 

It that sounds like you, this Natural Honey Antioxidant is a perfect pair for you. It doesn't only contain Pure Honey, but also Orange Extract and Vitamin C which act as antioxidants.

Just like all Natural Honey variants, it doesn't feel sticky at all and the Orange fragrance is really relaxing. I love to use this in the morning after shower before going out for work.

4. Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion Firm & Youthful


Work intensively to take care of skin firmness, this Natural Honey Firm & Youthful will make your skin stay young. It contains Yeast Extract as skin conditioner to keep your skin smooth. And of course it contains the main ingredient; Pure Honey, to keep your skin healthy and soft.

This product is the most moisturizing product out of 4 variants from Natural Honey. The fragrance is soft and relaxing but it will be better to use it only at night before sleep unless you have a very dry skin.

 How to Use Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion

 1. Put desirable amount of lotion on the palm of your hand

2. Even out the product by rubbing both of your palms

3. Apply to your hand and whole body

4. Even out the product throughout your whole body

About Natural Honey

Natural Honey is intended for women who believe that beauty comes from something simple, by being yourself and radiating beauty from within. 

With a special formula that is inspired by Pure Honey derived from natural sources combined quality with the latest technology to keep its purity, which is believed to give natural moisture that radiates light skin.

Natural Honey makes a woman look elegant, feel confidence, and attractive, making it feel comfortable in any situation.

You can get this Natural Honey Pure Lotion in supermarket such as: Carrefour, Giant, & Hypermart.

Learn more about Natural Honey here:

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