Kamis, 26 Desember 2013

Ageha Brown by Japansoftlens

Hello lovelies, finally after few long weeks of wearing this supa-comfortable softlens from JAPAN Softlens, I made a review!

It' been a habit you know, when I love beauty products too much, I tend to forget to review, because I always wear it! But I bet you saw me wearing this lens very often on my instagram already.

Senin, 23 Desember 2013

Yuk Ikutan B Blog!

Halo halo!

Sedikit ngeshare nih, awal mula aku ngeblog adalah sebagai sarana curhat. Hihihi, everything has its own phase ya. Lama kelamaan, blog pun jadi tempat pamer alias saran ekspresi diri. Dari sekedar curhat dan terapi, jadi tempat menunjukkan diri. People can know me better by visiting my blog. Gak sekedar itu, dari blog juga aku banyak kenal orang baru, which means I can do networking!

Jumat, 20 Desember 2013

Current Obsession: YSL Beauty

These days I've been so busy, thus tired. Sometimes worst, exhausted. Well, it's high season for my work I guess, we have a lot of things to do, with events and end of year's coming.

And I realize, as my body exhausts, my skin is suffering too. I started to recognize that I have a LOT of bumps all over my face. 

Not to forget that lately, my eyes got worse. Usually, just a bit of puffy eyes because of sleeping cycle. But now, the dark circles comes and it becomes darker day by day. I look tired, especially when I don't put complete makeup on.

This is only complexion and lip stain, tired uh?

REVIEW: D'EYEKO Adi Adrian Lashes 02

Hello beauties! Few weeks ago, D'EYEKO kindly sent me two boxes of D'EYEKO Adi Adrian Series Individual Lashes. Those are for review purpose and to support IBB's MUC for December.

I am not an expert in putting eyelashes, I rarely put it on. Why? It's because I find it hard and some of my friends said that it exaggerate my big eyes. They told me I look like a drag queen? LOL. So I never really wear eyelashes except for, uhm, my graduation?

So, here are two looks that I created using D'EYEKO Adi Adrian lashes in 02.

Damsel in Distress? LOL

Products used:

NYX All I've Ever Wanted Palette (purple gradation, I use three different purples)
Aubeau Liquid Eyeliner Black


Blush on and Lips from NYX All I've Ever Wanted

Wig bought from Qoo10


LOLOL. I was really bad in creating this clown look. It wasn't neat at all, and all those fae painting products were everywhere in my room! Hahaha, at least I enjoyed a lot of fun during the making.

Products used:
Face Painting:
PAC Professional Face Painting

Coverderm Make Up Base
Overall, I really love this eyelashes from D'EYEKO. It gave me nice, princess-like look without making me looking 'too much'. The only drawback is the hard process of applying each lash. Needs time and patience as each lash has fan-like shape.

Thank you D'EYEKO

Rabu, 11 Desember 2013


Hola beauties! Have you ever heard of MAKEOVER? Instead of its sleek, black packaging, it's actually an Indonesian, local product! Wow. Actually, at first I thought that this is imported. Well done, MAKEOVER, your packaging win our mind. :)

So in this post, I'm going to review its eye products; Powder Eye Shadow, Eye Liner Pencil, and Eye Brow Pencil.

Aigner Debut

Who doesn't know Aigner
It is one of the classical brand known all around the world. Though classic sometimes is closely related to old and boring, the timeless style Aigner offered is never get old. Aigner produces luxury goods including perfume.

So last month, I was invited to attend the launching Aigner Debut. 

Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

Eargasm: William Fitzsimmons

Photo Credit Erin Brown
William Fitzsimmons is not just a bunch of beards.

Well, he's more than those hairs hangin on his chin. He's amazing, magical, and stunning.

I found him through 8Tracks. Well, one of the songs played in my mix at that moment. My first encounter with him his music was "After Afterall" from The Sparrow and The Crow album. Got goosebump right from the beginning of the song, the piano was... Aargh. And the next thing I know was my tears started to flow. The lyric is pretty simple and the whole song, he just repeated the same phrase until the end. The song itself also considered as short compared to other songs. But, well, I think it's how the melody and his soft voice collide.

William Fitzsimmons is both songwriter and psychotherapist. His career background influence a lot of his music, not to forget his family history and also, love life.

His musical path was derived from the influence and education of his blind parents. Music, was a necessity in communicating among William and both of his parents. He learned the piano and trombone during his childhood and also guitar (self-taught) in his adolescence year.

Interesting things came when he studied and pursued career in mental health field by becoming a therapist. He also used to work with the severely mentally ill for years.

What's more interesting? He's friend of my girl-crush; Ingrid Michaelson! Perfecto.

taken from William Fitzsimmon's official website
I listened to the song few times before I realize that I have to look for the one who sing this song. Well, after that I quickly searched through Mr. Google and I was quite shocked. Judging from the voice, I never thought that the one who sing will be a beardy guy. No offense, but I always have that stereotype that beardy guys always have to have heavy, scary voice. LOL.

Then, my amazing journey began. I started to look for his songs. And drown myself to his music. I gotta admit that the combination of his voice and evocative lyrics is lethal.

Currently, I have two of his songs stuck in my playlist. Again and again I listen to those.
1. After Afterall
2. I Don't Feel it Anymore (feat. Priscilla Ahn)

And here's piece of the lyrics.
For better or worse
Sickness and health
Till death do us part
After all
(After Afterall)

We'll fall just like stars being hung by only 
Everything everything here is gone 
No map can direct 
how to ever make it home 
We're alone we're alone we're alone 
(I Don't Feel it Anymore)

What do you think? Have you tried to listen to this amazing man?I can't stop (for now, and maybe ever after..)

Selasa, 03 Desember 2013

Unboxing Lola Box November 2013

Well, on November I received this box from Lola Box. I was glad to have November's box! Why?

Because it literally "Brighten Up My Your Day"

 I LOVE the box, they picked nicest color combo this time; Pink and Yellow.

What did I get?

First, a very cute letter from Lola to me!

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