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Ageha Brown by Japansoftlens

Hello lovelies, finally after few long weeks of wearing this supa-comfortable softlens from JAPAN Softlens, I made a review!

It' been a habit you know, when I love beauty products too much, I tend to forget to review, because I always wear it! But I bet you saw me wearing this lens very often on my instagram already.

The softlens' name is AGEHA, and I received mine in Brown. The representative from JAPAN Softlens; Yulia, is very very friendly and helpful! ^0^ I was happy to received the prescription-ed lens, usually any sponsor just gave us neutral lens, which surely doesn't do any help to my vision. :(

And since it came with prescription, I wear it all the time! ~lalala

It comes in a bright, metallic, pink box. Very cute, and also I found a pink lipstick pen, how thoughtful! It matches the pink box too.

And these are the things I found inside the box:

I'm glad to have the lens in this kind of packaging (sorry, I don't know the name of this kind of packaging, anyone?). It is certainly much better than glass bottle packaging, it's more sterile and hygienic, in my opinion. Also, it comes with lens box and how-to's paper.

And I peeled it off for the first time~! 

Can you see the color? It's just perfect! Not too striking, and not too subtle.

And since I've said I wear it at all times, here are some snap of my pictures wearing this AH-MA-ZING lens from JAPAN Softlens!

See, it's perfect for all occassions! I wore it for makeup look, which resulted in dramatic, sensual look. Also wore it for daily, but people hardly notice or comment about me wearing too eye-catchy softlens. They just compliment me for being beautiful when I wear AGEHA brown! :) Should I try another lens from JAPAN Softlens then? Because I think I might falling in love with the comfort and color!

So, quick review about AGEHA Brown from JAPAN Softlens:
  • From the very first time I wear this, it didn't make my eyes red or irritated. This only happened when I wore Japanese softlens, which AGEHA is.
  • The diameter is oh-so-fine. Not too big, which will make my eyes look like a very sad/sleepy puppy eyes.
  • I always wear AGEHA from morning to late night. My working hours is from 10 am to 8 or 9 pm. And not to forget that I only take it off once I am ready to sleep or shower. Means I wear it around 10-12 hours per day. And requires no eye drops, ladies! ^_^
  • The color, is very beautiful. It's not too bright, yet not too subtle. People certainly notice that I'm wearing softlens, but not complaining that it's too much.


And if you're interested, I spill off some of the promotion from them below:

* Free delivery cost up to Rp 15.000 (if the delivery cost is more than Rp 15.000, then your delivery cost will be cut Rp 15.000 from the original cost)
* Additional discount in form of Shopping Point 5% ( e.g. purchase Ageha worth Rp 178.000, you'll get additional discount for Rp 8.900)

* Order 1 Ageha = Free Lipstick Pen
* Order 2 Ageha = Free 1 Lipgloss worth Rp 98.000
* Order 3 Ageha = Free 1 False Eyelashes from 4Minute worth Rp 148.000
* Order 5 Ageha = Free 1 KARA False Eyelashes worth Rp 168.000+eyelash glue+eyelash vitamin

Click below to visit JAPAN Softlens!

Japan Softlens | Jual Softlens Warna Nyaman Asli Jepang♡

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