Kamis, 24 Oktober 2013

My Current Skin Care Routine

Hello! Whoa, it has been such a long time since I share to you about my skin care routine. All these time I was busy reviewing, sorry. Hihi, been soo busy that I couldn't catch up with this blog thingy. Sorry ^^

So, as I explained before I have been using 3 Menard's products which are:
  • Tsukika Cleansing Cream
  • Tsukika Washing Cream
  • Beauness S Lotion
You can take a look at my two posts about those three magnificent products here and here. Okay, since the rest of products haven't been reviewed yet I'm gonna explain a bit about them here!

Right after Beauness S Lotion, I apply this V10 Plus Luminous Series Brightening Serum Vitamin C 8%. Have you girls ever heard about V10 Plus? Well, it's not available yet here in Indonesia, the nearest place that you can get this is in Singapore. 

I got this serum from V10 Plus Singapore for review purpose through Kawaii Beauty Japan. You know that it's hard to find Japanese beauty products here in Indonesia, hihi. Lucky me! If you want to find out more about V10 Plus, you can visit their official website and Facebook page. They are the official skin care for Miss Singapore Beauty Pageant 2013! Wow. Will I look like one of those women in crown then? Hehe, kidding. :p

This serum is enriched with 8% Vitamin C which brighten the complexion. I use 2 drops of this every night (yes, night only!) and the result is instant. Within 3 days, I can notice that my dark spots (usually because of acne scars) lighten and reduced significantly. My coworkers even noticed this! :D

After done with the serum, I continue with the moisturizer/ cream. I use this Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream for my daily moisturizer now. The name is pretty catchy as it contains Super and Multi! Wow. Let's see how this cream can transform my skin then. :) It actually claims to be a multi-targeted anti-aging moisturizer that corrects the most visible signs of aging. Moreover it's paraben free, fragrance free, making it safe for sensitive skin.

And last one is mask. I regularly apply this sleeping mask from Dr. Jart+ Most Moist; Water-Max Sleeping Mask. It's an overnight treatment. After a while, it turns out that my skin changes from normal to oily to normal to dry. So, my U-zone is really, really dehydrated. That's why I find this mask really helps. It also has cooling sensation right after application and stays around few minutes after.

I just love the refreshed feeling in the morning when I wake up. <3 p="">

Don't forget that Kiehl's Indonesia is still having its Feel the Power campaign where you can donate Rp 5.000,- just by clicking this URL: http://bit.ly/ftpblogger , and you can also win a chance to get Kiehl's products!

What's your current skin care routine lovelies?

Selasa, 22 Oktober 2013

The Body Shop Talk Show with Beauty Bloggers for JFW2014

Hello beauties! I bet that most of you have already hyped by the euphoria of Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 held in Senayan City this week!

I am so lucky to join one of the event which sponsored by The Body Shop Indonesia; The Body Shop Talk Show with Beauty Bloggers. Me and other 19 fellow beauty bloggers will gather and experience the latest collection from The Body Shop: COLOUR CRUSH.

So in case you haven't heard enough about COLOUR CRUSH, let me tell you a bit more! So this collection comes in two products; eyeshadow and lipstick. Colour Crush collection is a fashion-forward palette of mono eyeshadows in a full array of the season’s must-have stand-out shades. Beautifully wearable, the lust-worthy line-up ranges from elegant beiges to shocking brights in a mix of pearly and matte finishes. Incredibly blendable and buildable, these intense shades can be applied wet or dry and worn alone, together or layered, creating a myriad of looks from daytime chic to full-on night-time glamour. Go ahead and play with colour!

An intensely pigmented, pearlescent or matt eyeshadow (dependant on colour) with a silky-soft texture . It's easy to blend and great for building layers of colour. Dermatalogically and Ophthalmologically tested. Suitable for contact lens wearers
  • Intense colour
  • Pearlescent or Matt finish dependant on colour
  • Silky-soft texture
  • Use wet or dry

This luscious lipstick gives a stunning pop of colour and rich moisture, infused with a subtle rose scent.
  • High-impact colour
  • Rich moisture
  • Infused with a subtle rose scent

Nah, enough with the product information and knowledge, let's try it!
So, me and other fellow 20 beauty bloggers gathered in The Body Shop Store in Senayan City for this exclusive experience. I came with complexion done, only need to decorate my eyes and lips.

TBS Store at Senayan City
Beauty bloggers

whole COLOUR CRUSH collection

Here's my before picture:

I'm wearing pink, so I would like to have a touch of pink on my makeup as well. I love this Berry Cheeky so much! So colorful and striking :)

As for the lips, I am tempted by this Coral Cutie, I am always weak when it comes to tangerine lips!

Products used on my face that day:

For complexion

mbak Maya


Pose at the backdrop :D

detail look


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Menard Indonesia 3 Steps 30 Days in 3 Products: After a Month

Last time, I already blogged about my 2-week experience with Menard 3 products. Now, after a month of using them all, I'd like to share with you again. ^^

Okay, so first step is to cleanse using Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream.


Use this cleansing cream at night before washing your face. So the product is a cream which can cleanse your face from makeup residue. It works just like cleansing milk and cleansing oil.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Lip Palette

The lipstick palette has been one of MAKE UP FOR EVER’s most iconic products right from the start. For 2013, it has joined forces with another phenomenal bestseller, Rouge Artist. 

Ever since Rouge Artist was launched, women have been mesmerized by the profusion of colors in its two collections. First, Rouge Artist Intense for ultimate glamour: high pigmentation, heavy coverage, and ultra-intense results with just a single application. This is Lipstick with a capital L for longwearing. And second, Rouge Artist Natural, a collection of luminous shades. Just as vivid but with a transparent texture, these colors produce a natural, fresh look.

Rouge Artist is every woman’s lipstick. An explosion of color, a multitude of finishes (matte, satiny, pearly, iridescent, diamond), ultra-intense or transparent natural shades, a perfect harmony however you play it. It offers one of the broadest selections of lipsticks, and as always, the MAKE UP FOR EVER promise.

For the first time, a selection of Rouge Artist Intense and Rouge Artist Natural shades has been combined into 8 palettes. Each reflects a different color family: Warm Pink, Cool Pink, Warm Beige, Cool Beige, Red, Coral, Brown and Plum. There’s a palette for every taste, and each one contains  5 shades with warm and cool harmonies in perfect accord. They are dense enough to easily blend into an even, consistent color. Rouge Artist Lip Palette: the ideal color chart to select whatever depth of color your heart desires. 

This compact and purse-friendly palette also features a mirror and a lip brush.

Get your ROUGE ARTIST PALETTE RSP at nearest Make Up For Ever boutique : IDR 550.000,-

Senin, 21 Oktober 2013

Kiehl's Feel The Power

Okay, last time I was invited to Kiehl's event in LOTTE Avenue with other fellow beauty bloggers. Whoa, my first time visiting this new mall in Jakarta!

So, what's this all about?

Inspired by the legacy of pharmacy and science , Kiehl's celebrates its commitment to help the community and the public through the campaign "Feel the Power". Over the years , Kiehl 's in the whole world has been involved in efforts to support social programs in various fields, such as art, science, HIV/ AIDS, the environment, and children. Kiehl 's philanthropic mission is embodied in a single umbrella called "Kiehl's Gives".

Senin, 14 Oktober 2013

MK3 Hot Ice Preview

Hello everyone, as you know I recently had my hair recolored. Uhm, so far I have colored my hair more than three times this year. And well, if you wonder whether my hair is damaged or not, of course I will say yes it is. Yep, one of the prices that I should pay for different color if hair is damaged hair. Colored hair needs extra care to prevent hair to be extremely damaged. So, now I spend more time taking care of my hair with the application of mask, serum, oil, leave-on treatment, etc. And recently I just learn that Makarizo is launching its latest product; MK3 Hot Ice.

What is exactly Hot Ice? Sounds really interesting right?
Hot Ice is a special treatment for color-treated hair. With mineral oil, magic serum Hot Ice will soon fix the hair shaft is brittle and has undergone coloring process. It also increases the intensity of hair color , making hair that has been dyed to make more healthy, soft and shiny.

It contains:

Castor Oil
Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from castor beans (technically castor seed ) which has an unusual structure and many uses . It is obtained by pressing the seeds of castor oil plant; Ricinus communis ( Euphorbiaceae). Castor oil works to repair damaged and broken hair due to chemical processes and also giving relaxation to the hair strands. 

Linseed Oil
Linseed oil is yellowish-color oil obtained from the dried ripe seeds of the flax plant. Oil is obtained by pressing, sometimes followed by solvent extraction. Due to high levels of α - linolenic acid ( a special form of omega - 3 fatty acid ) , used as a nutritional supplement and revive Maintaining health and natural luster of hair, download restructuring cortex and smoothing the hair cuticle.

And what’s unique from this product is how to prepare the application! It is suggested that we store Hot Ice in refrigerator / freezer (maximum 2 minutes ) before use to maximize the quality of mineral oil Hot Ice.

Stay tuned for my next post about how to apply and how it feels on my colored hair.

Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

t1 Intensive Leave-on Serum

Last time, I already reviewed t1 Intensive Equalizer Shampoo and Conditioner, now it's time for t1 Intensive Equalizer Leave-on Serum.

As I aforementioned, my hair is colored and though it's revived, there will be still a slight chance of being damaged again. Nah, in taking care of colored hair, it's not enough with just shampoo and conditioner. We need something with vitamin essence which can help our hair recover and become healthier.

The problem is...

I'm far too busy and lazy to do that. With my activities and works ahead, I find it hard to keep up with the meticulous hair care such as hair mask, hair spa, or any other treatment, both home and salon treatments.

Luckily I found this Leave-on serum from t1!

So what's the benefits?
This leave-on serum contains hydrolized botanical milk which can:
  1. Help taking care of damaged hair
  2. Bring back our hair elasticity which is damaged and dried after the chemical process
  3. Smoothen hair so that it will be easier to be combed
This leave-on serum is packed with Structura Repair Complex technology which protects and fixes hair strands, smoothen and ease up hair-combing process.

I use this product on both damp and usual hair. It has flowery scent which is a bit relaxing yet refreshing at the same time.

I love that it comes in spray packaging, make it easier for me to use this leave-on serum anytime, anywhere.

And yes, the leave-on thingy is also perfect for busy and lazy girl like me. No need to rinse! xD

Thank you t1 Techno Nature!

Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Exclusive Experience with Beauty Bloggers

Hello everyone! On Wednesday August 28th, I was lucky to attended TRESemme Exclusive Experience. Thank you so much Fashionese Daily, for inviting me to this great event.

So the event started in Anna Wijaya Salon, for us, bloggers, to enjoy the Keratin Treatment using TRESemme Keratin Smooth series. 

Soon after the registration, I was escorted to have my hair to be properly washed and contioned using TRESemme Keratin Smooth series.

this is actually Carnellin :p
As you know, I dyed my hair several times before, and one of those hair coloring process involved the bleaching process. In my previous post here, I explained that my hair ends are completely dead inside. T__T I guess I need to cut my hair short as soon as possible... But, after experiencing the Keratin Treatment using TRESemme Keratin Smooth series including shampoo and conditioner, I feel that my hair was being refreshed and felt smoother than before.

The treatment started with the Keratin Infusing Shampoo then Keratin Infusing Conditioner on the hair ends (don't forget, no conditioner on your scalp!!). After that I was escorted to the hair station. As soon as I was seated, I got my hair sprayed with the Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray while the hair is still damp. I love the Heat Protection Shine spray so much! It does wonder to my dull, no-life, damaged hair. ^_^

And there goes the hair styling, blow and dry, of course my hair was set using TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray. The hair spray has such a nice scent which I love since I always feel dizzy whenever I have to wear hair spray before (too strong smell).

Not to forget that while having my hair done, I also got my nails treatened and polished. ^^

So the treatment and pamper were done, we're get ready to Kempinski for dinner.... with Alphard! Woohoo, feels like a celebrity, yes? The event is really exclusive just like the name.

Arrived in Pre Function Heritage Room, Hotel Kempinski, we were greeted with the dominance of Red color everywhere, including roses. After entering the entrance, there was a photo booth to pose just like on a red carpet, don't you feel like a star?

Also along the way to the dinner table, there were a lot of TRESemme products being displayed, I was tempted ^o^

Okay, so the dinner starts, while having such a really nice dinner we were enriched with the hair and beauty knowledge right from the hair expert himself; Mr. Chandra Gupta. He talked a lot about the hair knowledge like how we should never put our conditioner on our scalp and stick on our hair ends only. Also, the product knowledge of TRESemme Keratin Smooth series which will make our hair become smoother and tamed. No more flyaways and dry ends!

I learned that beside hair loss and oily scalp, women in Indonesia are also experiencing another problem, which is unruly hair. Why this matters? As Mr. Chandra Gupta stated, healthy and beautiful hair is hair which is smooth and manageable. This keratin treatment is quintessential for building healthy and beautiful hair. And please note that this Keratin Treatment is applicable only for hair, not scalp.

I also learned that environment, including air-conditioned air also contributes to the hair damage. Whoa, since I'm an office lady, I should also take care more of my hair since I spend most of my time in the office.

What's so special about Keratin Smooth series compared to any other hair treatments are this Keratin Smooth contains less detergent and surfactant, making our hair face less risk of being more damaged.

There was also a live tweet competition where there is one winner who got sophisticated gadget from TRESemme! I was not lucky enough though.. :p

Thank you Fashionese Daily and TRESemme Indonesia for inviting to such a very nice and unforgettable event! ^_^

I've heard a lot of Keratin treatment in many hair salons, but TRESemme has became the pioneer in introducing this Keratin treatment in home hair care products in Indonesia, making it easier for the style seekers to have salon-finish hair by their own hand, at home!

This Keratin Smooth series will be available soon in many hypermarket, supermarket, and convenience store so please wait for it! And more good news is this Keratin treatment by TRESemme will also be available soon in November 2013 at 100 hair salon in Indonesia.

PS. If you have any questions or you want to share your own experience of using TRESemme, you can go to TRESemme thread in Female Daily forum here: http://www.femaledaily.com/showthread.php?p=3497705#post3497705

for activity promo / newest fashion & beauty info, follow @tresemmeID and visit https://www.facebook.com/TRESemmeIndonesia & www.tresemme.co.id
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