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A few weeks ago, I was invited by MUFE Indonesia for the makeup workshop along with the media launch of PRO FINISH.

PRO FINISH is a compact foundation that is very quick to apply and produces true professional results. Since professionals are always in a hurry backstage, they need a high-performance foundation that can be applied in any situation, to any skin type, to any skin tone, as quickly as possible. PRO FINISH is the innovative solution that meets these demands.

PRO FINISH is easy to apply and technically advanced thanks to its innovative, sophisticated, 100% adaptable formula. With this universal compact foundation, every woman can do her own makeup like a pro.

The product’s unique texture can be used wet or dry for a natural effect every time, with a full, matte or sheer, semi-matte finish. What’s unique about that? The answer is that whether wet or dry, PRO FINISH can be reapplied as needed and yet remain light. It is extremely malleable, making it perfect for touch-ups while still achieving a natural look.

Applied dry with its sponge, PRO FINISH corrects and evens out the complexion with an instant matte coating that erases imperfections. Wet, it acts like a second skin to brighten up the skin tone and even out the color. The foundation dries in seconds, leaving a delicate, powdery finish. Whether wet or dry, the delicate material allows for greater, buildable coverage.

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The results: an instantly natural, professional look, flawless matte coverage, and long-lasting performance. Impeccable.

The PRO FINISH compact hides a secret: a high-tech formula that meets all of Dany Sanz’s demanding requirements.

All those claims are very tempting right? Well, let's prove the claims!

The workshop named "LIKE A PRO" since we're going to learn how to apply makeup like a professional by using this PRO FINISH. This is my bare face after cleansing.
The workshop was held at Make Up Forever Academy in Plaza Indonesia, that was my first time there, excited! Hehe, let's take a look at the academy first then.

Aqua Eyes and Lips collection

Marsha, Bella, and MUFE's staff
 Okay then, let's start the makeup workshop with Morris Hutahayan; MUFE MUA.


He did the makeup demo on a model, while giving us few makeup tips & tricks using PRO FINISH of course.

And here's the final result.

Morris also gave us tips on how to pick the right shade since PRO FINISH is available in 17 shades in Indonesia (originally it's even 25, but MUFE pick those shades which suits Indonesian skin tone).

So, pick three nearest shades to our skin tone then, put it on our lower jaw, side by side. After that, choose the most natural one, which looks like your second skin.

At first, I pick three shades which I found suitable for my skin; 113, 115, and 117. After putting them all on my lower jaw, and also with the help of Morris, I chose 113 (Neutral Porcelain). It is actually the fairest shade for yellowish skin tone (for pinkish, it's 110). Well, I'm not that fair, but Morris said that it's better to pick the shade which is one shade brighter than our real skin.

113 Neutral Porcelain
Why sponge? I know that most of you or makeup artists prefer to use brush because of hygiene reason. But, for PRO FINISH, it's best using sponge. Why?

A sophisticated formula calls for a sophisticated sponge. The PRO FINISH sponge is a technical marvel made of Celfine, a high-tech, exclusive noble material that can achieve optimum application either wet or dry. This ‘skin’ sponge has tiny pores, and it is soft and supple just like facial skin. It also creates a ‘water reservoir’—when damp, its cells can hold enough water to emulsify the product and deliver just the right dose. Invisible technology: the sponge is flexible and incredibly precise, with a wide diameter that can be smoothed over the entire face, blending to achieve the desired result.

Separated compartments for powder and sponge to ensure hygiene
I also love the packaging. Glossy black, circular and rounded, extremely light yet solid, the ergonomic PRO FINISH compact case slips easily into a pocket or handbag. It has two compartments, one for the compact and its large retouching mirror, and another aerated one for the sponge.

PRO FINISH is written in white capital letters against the black background. The arrow is its symbol and emblem, a reference to the PRO ONLY logo used on MAKE UP FOR EVER’s professional products. Facing to the right, it creates a technical link between a status, PRO, and a result, FINISH, emphasizing the way the product invites all women to enjoy professional performance.

aerated to improve the hygiene
 So how's the result of my makeup workshop?

All products used was MAKE UP FOR EVER. Actually I was really really in love with its Aqua shadow, LOL, it's so natural but noticeable enough.

detail on eyes


Excuse the white cast since I pick one shade brighter than my real skin tone. Hihi

My thoughts?
PRO FINISH is such a multi-use powder foundation which allows us to fully customize the finish and coverage level.

It can be applied both wet or dry, depends on how do you want the finishing result of the complexion. Apply it wet for a sheer semi matte or dry for a full coverage, matte result.

I prefer to apply it dry, as Morris also suggested to do so. Why? Because I like sheer coverage rather than full coverage one. I only have few blemishes and dark spots, so I don't need full coverage foundation for my everyday use. Also, the coverage is very buildable, you can always touch it up and you can get more coverage, BUT, still look natural (compared to other full-coverage claim foundation). I find PRO FINISH really friendly for daily makeup but also nice for special occasion makeup.

PRO FINISH also has long lasting texture, I find my face perfectly fine even after 8 hours of using without any single touch up (I was too busy and lazy).

And here are some other pictures from the makeup workshop, prepare for camwhoring flood!

my table

pretty mommy; Ci Mui

Dhanty, Mukti, Me
 Thank you Make Up For Ever Indonesia for the amazing workshop and PRO FINISH~

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