Minggu, 13 Oktober 2013

t1 Intensive Leave-on Serum

Last time, I already reviewed t1 Intensive Equalizer Shampoo and Conditioner, now it's time for t1 Intensive Equalizer Leave-on Serum.

As I aforementioned, my hair is colored and though it's revived, there will be still a slight chance of being damaged again. Nah, in taking care of colored hair, it's not enough with just shampoo and conditioner. We need something with vitamin essence which can help our hair recover and become healthier.

The problem is...

I'm far too busy and lazy to do that. With my activities and works ahead, I find it hard to keep up with the meticulous hair care such as hair mask, hair spa, or any other treatment, both home and salon treatments.

Luckily I found this Leave-on serum from t1!

So what's the benefits?
This leave-on serum contains hydrolized botanical milk which can:
  1. Help taking care of damaged hair
  2. Bring back our hair elasticity which is damaged and dried after the chemical process
  3. Smoothen hair so that it will be easier to be combed
This leave-on serum is packed with Structura Repair Complex technology which protects and fixes hair strands, smoothen and ease up hair-combing process.

I use this product on both damp and usual hair. It has flowery scent which is a bit relaxing yet refreshing at the same time.

I love that it comes in spray packaging, make it easier for me to use this leave-on serum anytime, anywhere.

And yes, the leave-on thingy is also perfect for busy and lazy girl like me. No need to rinse! xD

Thank you t1 Techno Nature!

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