Regarding advertising, I would like to know first, what kind of advertisement you'd like to place on my blog. I accept banner and advertorial on my blog. For banner, I'll charge as follows:
  • 160x160 - USD 15
  • 250×250 - USD 30
  • 728×90 - USD 75 (include twitter and FB page promotion 10 times in a month)
  • 160×600 - USD 60 (include twitter and FB page promotion 7 times in a month)
All prices above are for 30-day period and of course it will be negotiable depends on the period (get lower price for 2-3 months advertisement) and other things that we can still discuss.

For advertorial, the price will depends heavily on our discussion and negotiation. Just drop me another email because I love reviewing products!

As for product review (non advertorial), I will deliver my honest opinion towards the product whether it's good or bad, I'll post it. Feel free to send me your products.

The differences between advertorial and product review (non advertorial) are as follows:
  • Non advertorial review will provide honest review (objective), so I will say real opinion (if it's bad then I'll state it)
  • Non advertorial review will have no deadline. I will prioritize advertorial first, then if I have the free time, I'll post it on my blog. So I can't guarantee that I will review it as soon as possible

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