Senin, 06 April 2009

Gossip Girl: Leighton Meester and his Boyfriend; Sebastian Stan

Today, I just opened Popsugar and look at this news. Leighton Meester and his boyfriend, Sebastian Stan in Parsons Fashion Benefit party in NYC. She, as usually, looks reallly stunning with her white dress, but not with her boyfriend. He's handsome, naturally. But in this picture, he looks bad. His hair are too long, but he insisted to look dandy, by pulled all of his hair back. Trashy, I think. Leighton is so much better with Ed Westwick I think. But, in the real world, who knows? In the drama, maybe Blair Waldorf is really into Chuck Bass, but in the real world, Blair prefers Carter. :(

Here is the pic.

LOVE her shoes berry much!



Try This when You're Bored

After long hours in campus, me and my friend, Dezca decided to do some crazy things. Not realy crazy, though. I picked up a blue-black (hahaha, like hair color) blazer and some braided- wool thread from my mom and made it into headband ;p. Then, I asked Dezca to took a pic of me. I also changed my shoes to Lily sandals (do you familiar with that? Asked your grandparents, maybe they know that. :p) from my uncle in Kalianda. Not bad I think, but what about you?

Top: Sale in Palembang, Blazer: Pasar SENEN, Skirt: ZARA, Legging: Bebe, Shoes: Tanabang, Bag: Pasar SENEN

LILY Sandals: right shoot

LILY Sandals: top shoot

Braided- thread: top shoot

Braided- thread: left shoot

Anyone familiar with the shoes?



Jumat, 03 April 2009

Sunday Evening Parade

Hello all.

Now, I would like to tell you about my last Sunday evening in PPHUI (Pusat Perfilman Haji Umar Ismail). My brother invited me to watch his band performance there. But, because my laziness, me and my friends decided to come ver, very late. We made the appointment at 12 pm, and we showed up at 3 pm. :D So, we missed the performance and watched "Generasi Biru" for free there! Although we came in the last 15 minutes of the movie, we enjoyed that. OK, let's talk about my outfit at that time.

necklace: barbie; oversized shirt: PASAR SENEN; lace tights: vintage; shoes: SALE in PASAR FESTIVAL; green bag: vintage; belt: borrow




Rabu, 01 April 2009

i heart this : KATY PERRY

I just opened perez and found an article about Katy Perry's photoshoot in Paper Magazine. There, perez said that the pictures are gorgeous. And I admit it, of course. These are the photos.

CLASSIC* I <3 br="" it="" much="" soo="">Photograph by Autumn De Wilde Coat by Azzaro, vintage gown from Decades and necklace by H& M.

show ur BACK look :p
Photograph by Autumn De Wilde
Vintage gown and boa from The Way We Wore and bracelet and ring by Zorab.
Photograph by Autumn De Wilde
Dress by H&M, vintage hairpiece from The Way We Wore and necklace by Valeska.

Any Katy Perry's lova here? I'm her huge fans! :p


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