Jumat, 03 April 2009

Sunday Evening Parade

Hello all.

Now, I would like to tell you about my last Sunday evening in PPHUI (Pusat Perfilman Haji Umar Ismail). My brother invited me to watch his band performance there. But, because my laziness, me and my friends decided to come ver, very late. We made the appointment at 12 pm, and we showed up at 3 pm. :D So, we missed the performance and watched "Generasi Biru" for free there! Although we came in the last 15 minutes of the movie, we enjoyed that. OK, let's talk about my outfit at that time.

necklace: barbie; oversized shirt: PASAR SENEN; lace tights: vintage; shoes: SALE in PASAR FESTIVAL; green bag: vintage; belt: borrow




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  1. Thank's for leaving a comment.
    Hey, guess what, i have the exactly same necklace with yours. I will post it later,so you can see it.
    Anyway,how much does that lace legging cost?

  2. really? actually, it's my friend's necklace. btw, i sell it. how much did u buy that kind of necklace? i sell it under IDR 50,000.
    it's vintage actually, i forgot, but it costs under IDR 25,000.

  3. er..i bought it about IDR 35000
    Your friend's necklace? u mean u're such a distributor or u're the friend of the producer or u sell it secondhand or what?pardon me.

    Ouw,that's so cheap.. where did u buy it?

  4. no. i borrowed it from my friend at that time. the necklace is new, but the lace legging came from flea market in palembang (my hometown). Recently, i have built a business with my friends. we sell the necklace like that for IDR 25,000 (MEDIUM SIZE), for further information, i can send you an email of our catalogue, if you want. :)

  5. Nice,i wanna see your catalogue,perhaps i can order. :)
    Ouw..visit my blog,so you can see our twin necklace,haha,i just post it minutes ago.
    I link u,yeah?


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