Sabtu, 29 Desember 2012

REVIEW: Face on Face Nourishing Eye Shadow Blooming Rose

Halo semuanya! Kali ini aku akan mereview salah satu brand lokal Indonesia; Face on Face. Face on Face mengklaim sebagai brand "nourishing make up" dimana produknya tidak hanya mempercantik (dekoratif), tapi juga menutrisi kulit. Hal ini terbukti dengan hadirnya improved Hyaluronic Acid untuk menjaga kelembapan kulit DUA KALI lebih baik dibandingkan Hyaluronic Acid biasa. Selain itu, seluruh produk Face on Face juga mengandung Vitamin E sebagai antioksidan.

Nah itu tadi merupakan sekilas tentang produk Face on Face, sekarang aku ingin berbagi tentang produk Nourishing Eye Shadownya varian Blooming Rose. Jadi, untuk eye shadow, Face on Face mengeluarkan dua varian, yaitu: Blooming Rose dan Natural Glow. Eye shadow ini terdiri atas tiga warna seperti gambar berikut ini.

klik untuk tampilan lebih besar

Karena tiap shade warna tidak ada keterangan nomor maupun nama, maka  aku memberi nomor sendiri pada masing-masing shade. Jadi shade 1 ini merupakan shade paling gelap diantara ketiga shade yang tersedia. Warnanya pink keunguan dengan efek shimmer. Lalu shade 2 ini agak sheer, warnanya pink dan tetap  memiliki efek shimmer, hanya saja shimmernya lebih sedikit dibanding shade 1. Yang terakhir, yaitu shade 3 ini lebih cocok dipakai sebagai highlighter di bawah tulang alis karena warnanya cenderung beige tapi tetap shimmering.

Nah, mari kita colek si eye shadownya untuk tau seperti apa warnanya di kulit ^_^

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Seperti yang terlihat pada gambar di atas,  warnanya cukup pigmented ya. Apalagi shade nomor 1. Nah, supaya lebih jelas aku sudah membuat swatch eye shadow ini di tangan. Supaya lebih jelas, aku membagi swatch menjadi dua; dengan eye primer (yang kupakai Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer) dan tanpa eye primer

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Nah, tanpa disangka eye shadownya Face on Face ini cukup pigmented loh untuk ukuran eye shadow dengan harga yang terjangkau (sekitar 20-30 ribu rupiah). Bahkan tanpa primer pun warnanya sudah cukup keluar. Akan tetapi, dengan eye primer, warna yang timbul akan lebih intens dan staying power eye shadow pun akan lebih lama.

Nah, sudah beberapa minggu ini eye shadow Face on Face kupakai sehari-hari (kuliah, bepergian, dll.), apalagi varian Blooming Rose ini sebenarnya cocok apabila kamu mau terlihat lebih sweet seperti untuk ngedate atau acara semi formal.

Berikut EOTDku menggunakan Face on Face Nourishing Eye Shadow varian Blooming Rose.
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Hasilnya terbilang cukup natural dan tidak berlebihan untuk pemakaian sehari-hari. Setelah mengaplikasikan eye shadow, aku menambahkan eye liner dan maskara supaya mata terlihat lebih 'terbuka' dan segar.

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Lalu bagaimana aku memakai shade-shade tersebut? Sesuai dengan penomoran yang aku lakukan sebelumnya, pertama-tama aku mengaplikasikan shade nomor 2 pada seluruh kelopak mata. Kemudian dilanjutkan dengan shade nomor 1 pada sudut mata bagian luar membentuk huruf "V". Setelah itu aku memblend kedua eye shadow sampai akhirnya dilanjutkan dengan pengaplikasian shade nomor 3 di sudut mata bagian dalam dan di bawah tulang alis sebagai highlighter.

Staying power dari eye shadow ini juga oke loh, buktinya setelah kupakai kurang lebih 7 jam, ternyata eye shadownya masih menempel rapi, cuma memang ada yang udah menipis.

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Secara keseluruhan, aku suka sekali dengan produk ini. Hal ini karena untuk ukuran produk dengan harga terjangkau, kualitasnya cukup baik. Terbukti dengan staying power yang cukup oke (sekitar 7 jam) dan warna yang cukup pigmented. Satu-satunya yang aku kurang sukai hanya tekstur eye shadownya yang powdery sehingga pengaplikasian harus hati-hati agar tidak tercecer.

Produk-produk Face on Face sudah bisa kamu temui di berbagai pusat perbelanjaan dan toko kosmetik di Indonesia. Akan tetapi, apabila ternyata kamu mengalami kesulitan untuk mendapatkan produk ini, kamu dapat langsung menghubungi pihak Face on Face di Facebook Page Face on Face Indonesia.

Semoga bermanfaat ya!

Jumat, 28 Desember 2012

Kiehl's Holiday Head to Toe Bloggers Gathering & Upcoming Products in 2013

Last Friday, Kiehl's Indonesia kindly invite me to join Kiehl's Holidays Head to Toe Bloggers Gathering in Kiehl's Store at Seibu Grand Indonesia. I was so excited because I will meet other fellow bloggers!

So, I was greeted by Kiehl's Product Manager; Ms. Sally and other Kiehl's representative; Asia. So, this is how do I looked like that day. I just use my Holika Holika Petit Watery BB Cream, eyeliner, and did my eyebrows. That day, I still experience medium exfoliation on my jawline due to the Face Peeling I've done.

Oh yeah, I have to remind you that this post gonna be a LONG post. LOL.

Rabu, 26 Desember 2012

ZAP Health and Beauty Talkshow


Hello everyone, I'm back again, finally! Been so lazy to write and yes, my photo-editing software acted dumb again and again. Few times I've done the photo editing job halfway, but then it crashed! Fufufufu.

Photoshop, YUNO working well with me during deadlines??

So, around two weeks ago, I went to the new ZAP branch in Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, Kebayoran Baru for attending ZAP Health and Beauty Talkshow. The place is kinda hidden anyway, the signboard was covered by the huge tree in front of the store. I almost skip it, LOL.

So, basically, this new ZAP branch is relatively the same with other ZAP branches located in various areas in Jakarta and other regions in Indonesia. What makes it different is, there's a cafe inside! So just in case you bring your plus one (ahem, boyfie or husband, even children), who is not really interested in zapping his/her hairy parts, well now they can wait comfortably here. 

The cafe is really cozy, with few comfy chairs and sofas along with the presence of big, flat TV and the mini bar, where you can get your drinks (or of course they can serve you in your table). The interior is dominated by ZAP green colour, adding the cozy level of the cafe. Unfortunately, this cafe is not smoke-free. Though it's air-conditioned, but the guests are allowed to smoke here (-_-).

I met Mellisa and her friend; Mei Mei (CMIIW) there. ^_^ Besides them, I also met Carnellin and Via who came late due to major traffic jam (well the talkshow itself was started late because everyone was stuck due to a strike in toll roads).

Let's start the talkshow then!

Senin, 24 Desember 2012

My First Box from WISHTREND!

Hi lovelies, this post contains video and yes this is my first vlog! Hehe, I know that this video sucks, but yeah, I'm still learning how to shoot myself and edit the video better. And yes, sorry for the bzzzzzzzziiiinggg noise, it's from the water machine in my boarding house. LOL.

May you enjoy my video and don't forget to subscribe and also join my current giveaway from WISHTREND!

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Sabtu, 22 Desember 2012


These are the coupons~

So, around 2 months ago I bought a package of coupons filled with Blitz Megaplex and Papa Rons Pizza. And when it's due, I just remember that I haven't use any of the Papa Rons Pizza coupons! This is because the available outlets for the coupons are not located neither in malls nor near my residence. So, on expiring date, I ask one of my friends, Nadia to accompany me eating pizza there. 

Anyway, here's how I looked like that day:

EYES: NYX Soho Glam Palette shadows, Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Liner, Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Look Mascara #1
FACE: Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion
CHEEK: NYX Soho Glam Palette
Lips: Etude House Dear Darling Tint #3 Red Orange and Etude House Nymph Aura  Roll Gloss  Orange Peach

Minggu, 16 Desember 2012

Year End Blog Sale!

Hi everyone! It's the middle of December and yes, less than 2 weeks to another year! So, I done several inspection in my room and found these lovely beauty-related things left unused. Some of them are brand-new, but never been used, the rest of it is used, but it's been long since the last time I use them.

That's why, now I'm holding a blog sale so that they will be useful and not become useless doing nothing in my room ^^

Here are some rules for this blog sale, so that everything will be in order:
  1. All prices are fixed, so please no haggling and of course no hit and run (unless you want your name to appear in internet FOREVER as blacklisted buyer).
  2. You can book the items here by sending me an email to along with your name, address, phone number with BLOG SALE as mail subject.
  3. Booking period is maximum 2x24 hours.
  4. You can get special discount if you buy more than 5 items at once (under one buyer).
  5. The availability number of each product is ONE per product except it is stated otherwise.

Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Beauty on November

Wow, it's the end of 2012 already. Now I'd like to share to you about my November when it comes to beauty! Therefore, this post is divided into four; haul, empties, freebies, and favorites. 

Sulwhasoo Herb Soap
This has been on my wishlist ever. I am curious about this soap ever since Ai Ni from mylovelysister reviewed it on her blog!

Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion
This is also the result of my curiosity. Yes, I've been thinking for months and now finally I have the hype-Hada Labo! I bought lotion only because I want to see whether this product works well with my skin or not (well, I don't want to throw away my money in exchange of bad breakouts).

Holika Holika Watery Petit BB SPF 25/ PA++
I always love 'dewy' look, and since my current BB cream (Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion) can't give me that, I've been dying for watery kind of BB cream for so long.

Jumat, 07 Desember 2012

FIRST GIVEAWAY [open internationally]

Hello everyone, this is my first post in December. Wow, 2012 almost ends! Tick-tock, time is indeed scary by the way. This will be the busiest month ever because I'm running out of time to finish my thesis. Though I'm still being haunted by it, I'm actually so thankful for all the good and bad things happened to me during this year. Well, one of the good news is I am now one of WISHTREND First Ambassador!

So, I've been thinking of hosting my own giveaway since October, but I was too busy with thesis and ahem, my so-called-life. Finally, I can proudly present you my FIRST GIVEAWAY *insert party emoticon here*

This amazing giveaway is sponsored by WISHTREND. They are giving away one FULL-SIZE [CAOLION] Pore Minimizing Pack for you! For more details about this product you can go here.



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