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ZAP Health and Beauty Talkshow


Hello everyone, I'm back again, finally! Been so lazy to write and yes, my photo-editing software acted dumb again and again. Few times I've done the photo editing job halfway, but then it crashed! Fufufufu.

Photoshop, YUNO working well with me during deadlines??

So, around two weeks ago, I went to the new ZAP branch in Jl. Wolter Monginsidi, Kebayoran Baru for attending ZAP Health and Beauty Talkshow. The place is kinda hidden anyway, the signboard was covered by the huge tree in front of the store. I almost skip it, LOL.

So, basically, this new ZAP branch is relatively the same with other ZAP branches located in various areas in Jakarta and other regions in Indonesia. What makes it different is, there's a cafe inside! So just in case you bring your plus one (ahem, boyfie or husband, even children), who is not really interested in zapping his/her hairy parts, well now they can wait comfortably here. 

The cafe is really cozy, with few comfy chairs and sofas along with the presence of big, flat TV and the mini bar, where you can get your drinks (or of course they can serve you in your table). The interior is dominated by ZAP green colour, adding the cozy level of the cafe. Unfortunately, this cafe is not smoke-free. Though it's air-conditioned, but the guests are allowed to smoke here (-_-).

I met Mellisa and her friend; Mei Mei (CMIIW) there. ^_^ Besides them, I also met Carnellin and Via who came late due to major traffic jam (well the talkshow itself was started late because everyone was stuck due to a strike in toll roads).

Let's start the talkshow then!

The talkshow was cheerfully started by an edgy-looking MC named Felisia Permata Kullit (turns out to be a friend of a friend) and followed by ZAP's owner; Fadli Sahab.

The first speaker is Oscar Lawalata, the famous Indonesian fashion designer! I like him by the way, he's so elegant and graceful in the way he talk and dress. He mainly talked about his inspiration in designing, future fashion trend, and tips & trick. His words on fashion is summed up to this: "you have to be confident and wear the clothes according to your own personality."

The second one is Iwwan Haroun, a handsome and well-known make up artist. First when I saw him, I thought he might be the guest, he's just soo good looking! LOL. Anyway, he did a make up demo for daily look. I found so many tips & trick from him very useful, here are some of them:
  1. To create natural make up look (especially the in-trend KPop look), you can choose 1-2 shades lighter of foundation on your face, continued by loose powder, then compact powder which match your skin tone.
  2. For Asians who mostly have downturned eyes, he suggest to put double-eyeliner. First on your upper inner rim then continued with usual, common eyeliner above the lash line.

Then, the lunch time came and I can say that the food was really, really delicious! Not to forget the pie and rainbow cake, really cute though I'm not really into cute foods (I eat to satisfy my tongue and stomach, not my eyes).

After the lunch, the talkshow continues with dr. Fitri Zamrud talking about health-related things and few of ZAP's new treatments. Then we were given free voucher for free treatment, and I gladly chose Face Peeling together with Via.

First, we do the skin check using Skin Analyzer and thank God that my skin age is only 8-month older than my real age! Phewww (I am 22 and my skin is 22.84 years old). After that we went upstairs to register for the treatment. The interior is quite the same with ZAP's green domination and little decoration for Christmas; tiny christmas tree on the desk. There is also a waiting lounge with chairs and magazines along with ZAP's beauty therapist who will helps you for pre-treatment.

Then, the Face Peeling began...

The treatment room is really nice, though the treatment was done by doctor the room is not boring unlike those white-dominated room in hospital or clinic. The room is still decorated with green colors but I found the bed sheet really cute (colorful polka dots). There was also a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) placed on the wall, assuring the customer that ZAP's treatment is safely done.

So, I just post Via's pictures since she already post mine on her blog. Basically the treatment is Chemical Peeling, to help the dead skin cells on our skin to be exfoliated. The treatment is very simple, it only involves the chemical liquid, cotton, and water. Since this peeling is stronger than mechanical peeling (using abrasive), your skin may experience little burning sensation along with itchy feelings. The sensation may be reduced by compressing the affected area with cool water.

This treatment will considered done after there are white spots shown on the skin (doctor said it means that the chemical has reach the goal). My skin needs only 3 layers of it, while Via needs 4 layers until the white spots show up.

So, soon after the treatment, my skin feels really, really tight and shiny. Yes, I can barely speak properly because it's so tight, especially on the area around the lips. I will review the treatment below!

So, the beautiful doctor said that it will take 3-7 days until the skin is completely exfoliated. And she did say that the exfoliation may be severe. OK, let's see..

Above are my pictures soon after the treatment and 1 day after (sorry for the wrong caption). Nothing happened  but my skin still feels so tight and shiny. I feel like a disco ball, you know. Or at least it's just my friends telling me that. LOL.

And below are my pictures 2 days after the treatment, as you can see, I am starting to experience small exfoliation on the area around my mouth. It looks like I'm drooling huh? -_-

And this is how I looked like 3 days after... The exfolation is now spread all around  my face and worsened on the area around the mouth.

4 days after the treatment, unfortunately I have job interview and thesis proposal presentation! OMG. I almost cried inside because of this exfoliation. I got that weird stares from other participants during interview, not to mention that even my thesis adviser ask me what happened to my face?! I want to cry, but I ended up laughing because it's so funny. LOL. Such a bad timing... The fourth day was the worst of all... And the pictures are as follow:

So, this is me 9 days after the treatment and yes, the exfoliation haven't stop. -_-

I still experiencing minor exfoliation on the area near my hairline and jawline. 

Now on 11 days after the treatment, the exfoliation has fully stopped and I admit that the final result is satisfying! I can see that my face getting cleaner, brighter, and smoother. Of course this is because all the dead skin cells has diminished! Yay.

Here's my current look:
no make up!

Hehe, in the end, I am very satisfied with the result though I have to go through weird stares from others, LOL. I guess I will come back for next treatment! Thank you ZAP!!

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  1. Ooooooooh no wonder your skin looked flaky last time we met o.o but if its for a good result then no problem <3

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