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Beauty on November

Wow, it's the end of 2012 already. Now I'd like to share to you about my November when it comes to beauty! Therefore, this post is divided into four; haul, empties, freebies, and favorites. 

Sulwhasoo Herb Soap
This has been on my wishlist ever. I am curious about this soap ever since Ai Ni from mylovelysister reviewed it on her blog!

Hada Labo Ultimate Moisturizing Lotion
This is also the result of my curiosity. Yes, I've been thinking for months and now finally I have the hype-Hada Labo! I bought lotion only because I want to see whether this product works well with my skin or not (well, I don't want to throw away my money in exchange of bad breakouts).

Holika Holika Watery Petit BB SPF 25/ PA++
I always love 'dewy' look, and since my current BB cream (Etude House Shini Star Clear BB Lotion) can't give me that, I've been dying for watery kind of BB cream for so long.

Clean & Clear Essentials Moisturizer
I got this from fweegy months ago. This is my favorite moisturizer! I've been using this brand since I was still in junior high. It feels light on my face and it doesn't clog your pores (as it claims). This moisturizer didn't cause me any breakouts too. Moreover, the price is somehow affordable for a moisturizer. I will put it on my  shopping list!

Etude House Rich Butter Hand & Heel Cream
Nah, this one is my daily hand cream. What I love the most is this product has dual function, to be used on your hand and feet. At first I was being skeptical since I was afraid that this product will leave my hand and feet sticky. But, it turned out not! It left me with softer and smoother skin without sticky feeling at all! Unfortunately I won't put this on my repurchase list as I got another hand cream from Too Cool For School and Kiehl's (gotta try them!)

Citra Night Whitening
This one was bought out of my curiosity. I was attracted to its packaging, especially the elegant purple. You can view my short review about this here. I already repurchase this, this time bigger-size one!

Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry in Orchard Blossom
This is my daily deodorant. I was in love for the first time when I was still in junior high. That one was the gel one, but I can't seem to find the gel one, so I purchase this stick. It claims to provide 24-hour protection against odor but I am disappointed because around 7 hours the deodorant is gone (-___-). Even Casablanca which costs only around IDR 10.000-15.000 done better performance than this deodorant stick (cost me around IDR 58.000). Though the staying power sucks, this deodorant lasts long! It took more than 6 months until this product ran out. For those of you who love soft-scented deodorant, you'll definitely love this. It has nice, powdery-scent.

The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant - Cool & Zesty Roll-On
The Body Shop DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant - Chilled & Breezy Stick
Revlon Colorstay Creme Gel Eye Liner in Prune 003

NYX Concealer in Jar in Orange
I bought this because I'm frustrated on my panda eyes. I haven't write any full-review about this product, but yeah, I'll post about this soon. Been using this concealer for 2 months until now. Short words about this concealer is it does a good job in concealing my dark circles, at least better than my previous concealers. But sometimes it left  me with an itchy feeling.

Face on Face Nourishing Blush On - Blooming Rose
Well, this is my current blush! It is pigmented and it does me a favor for an affordable price blush. It has sheen finish, unlike most of blushes which has shimmering effect. Will post about this too, soon.

Viva Cosmetics Eye & Lip Make-Up Remover
Nah! This one is my all-time favorite make up remover. It doesn't irritate my eyes and it's very cheap! Only cost me around IDR 5.000. Wait for the review, ya!

So I think that's all about beauty on November for me. How about you girls?

8 komentar:

  1. waduh? itu viva murah bener yak?? :0

    1. murah banget embeeeer, hahaha, tapi cuma ada satu size. kekecilan, huhu

    2. tia beli viva nya dimana??? demen juga ni, enak ga berasa gimana gitu >.<

    3. belinya pas cosmobeaute kemarin, belom abis-abis. LOL
      kalo mau beli bisa online tapi menurut gw mending ke toko kosmetik deh lyne, di web viva malah lebih mahal.

      gw beli di mayestik :p

  2. haah itu viva cuma 5000?? ><
    penasaran sama eyeliner revlonnya nih kak Tia hehe

    1. iyaaa cuma goceng! hahaha
      oke melissa ^^ bakal direview ASAP!

  3. Deodorant "Lady Speed Stick" nya beli dmn Sis?

  4. Aku susah banget nyari "Lady Speed Stick itu :(


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