Minggu, 24 Maret 2013

SKIN & LAB Dr. Vita Clinic K Plus Red-X

Hello beauties, this time I will share to you about another product from WISHTREND! So I received this product a month ago and been using this ever since.

So from the WISHTREND website, these are the information that I've got:
The ingredient of Vitamin K removes redness by binding the capillaries and veins in the skin tissue. In addition, it delivers nutrients directly to the under eyes and make them radiant and bright, alleviating appearance of dark circles.  Brand : SKIN & LABAll Skin Types (Anti- Redness / Anti-aging) Volume: 30mlMade in Korea
The packaging is relatively tiny for me, as it contains only 30ml thus making it so handy. 

It claims that it works for sensitive skin, redness, and dark skin. 

Sabtu, 23 Maret 2013

Another Box from WISHtrend!

Today I received another box from WISHTREND!!

The box contains:
Rojukiss ENCA AC Pinky Drying Powder
Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack
Biore Pore Pack (for comparison)
Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB24

Wait for the review everyone!

Which  one you wanna see first?
Let me know!

Rabu, 20 Maret 2013


So, I have introduced WISHTREND once here, but well, seeing that WISHTREND changed a lot, I think I have to reintroduce it to you all!!

I am one of the WISHTREND First Ambassador who receives box of products to be reviewed. I want to thank WISHTREND including Eddie and Scarlett for being soooo kind and fun during my period of being ambassador. Well, they're so helpful and friendly!

First, I would like to tell you my top 3 products from WISHTREND.


1. O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

My savior during my breakout after tried out Japanese product HL. Even my big acne bump disappeared in only one night! Must-have product!

2. Rojukiss The Most Precious Spot Light BB Cream

Whoohoo, so far this is my best coverage BB Cream (covers up the pores and other skin flaws) and moisturizing a lot! 

3. SKIN & LAB K Plus Red-X

This one alleviated my dark circles and reduced redness on my cheek! It's also lightweight and not sticky at all.

And since I was soooo satisfied with products from WISHTREND, of course I do have wishlist of products!


1. Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush

I have big pores and blackheads, that's why I really want to give this product a try!

2. Caolion Multi Soothing Booster

It's MD Choice and also multi-functional! Moreover, my favorite Korean actor; Park Shi Hoo has this on his vanity on Cheong Dam Dong Alice series!

3. Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

CC Cream!! Well, it's a hype nowadays and though I already pull myself off from it, the temptation is just getting stronger, LOL.

Whoaa, I'm drooling over those lovely products on WISHTREND. It's as if they're all calling me "Tia...Tia.. Come and buy us, bring us to Indonesia, please just click add to cart and check out" LOL. I guess I'm in delusion.



[WISHTrendTV] Spill Tay's beans, 저를 소개합니다!

Let's meet new muse of WISHtrendTV, Tay!!! 

*Every Friday, you can see the new video of WISHtrend TV*


Thanks to this new section, you can get special discount on particular product promoted in this section for 1 day only!

[BEAUTY STEAL] One day Special event

Amazing product is provided particular discounted price and/or free gift at the BEAUTY STEAL section!


And of course, there will be still, the WISHBOX!

I am in looove with this Valentine Box!

Seriously, all the items are tempting and sweet! What I want the most is of course Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB24. I've been eyeing it since I've got the sample sachet size from WISHTREND too! Works great on me.

So, with these great improvements I guess I love WISHTREND more! Not to forget the friendly people behind it!

So for those of you who are curious enough about WISHTREND, feel free to visit them HERE:

Selasa, 19 Maret 2013

Belif First Aid Transforming peel off mask

Hello, I am back with another review, which now is from Belif. Yep, another Korean beauty brand. But unlike any typical Korean beauty beauty brands, Belif has a little bit different concept. I think its concept is similar to Kiehl's judging from the philosophy, concept, and packaging.

I have been using this mask from Belif called Belif First Aid Transforming peel off mask for about 5 weeks and am ready to tell you about it!

The packaging is very simple with white compartment and black cap. It comes with 50ml size packaging.


So as stated on the packaging, this unique peel-off mask is formulated with Lemon balm and White willow bark to remove skin debris. 

Upon contact with water, this creamy mask transforms itself into a thin layer of gel, making easier to take it off without skin irritation.

So, this is how the mask looks like inside. It's pure white with very nice smell, a mixture of subtle lemon aroma, which I do love.

poke, poke

The texture is creamy but a bit runny, and so soft. I don't keep this mask in refrigerator, but yes it has a soft, cooling effect that can sooth your skin. Feels so comfortable..

1. put it on the the desired/ troubled area

And you don't have to put so many in single use, you just apply a very thin layer, and it already works. After even out the product, you just have to wait around 15-20 minutes until it's done.

2. Even it out and wait

3. After it's done, pour a little bit of water the slowly peel it off

For your information, when I first started using this mask, I was still experiencing medium-level break out with so many small acnes on my U-Zone. So, how do this product works on my troubled skin?


OK! Challenge accepted and I will use this mask to combat those evil acnes!!!

Rabu, 06 Maret 2013

[BEAUTY STEAL] One day Special event by WISHTREND

Hello everyone,  just a quick announcement about WISHTREND's latest section; BEAUTY STEAL.
So, in simple sentence, you can get special discount on particular product promoted in this section for 1 day only!

[BEAUTY STEAL] One day Special event

An Amazing product is provided 40% discounted price at the BEAUTY STEAL section!

It will be released on Mar 17th at 11am. (Local time in Korea)

Only for 24 hours run, Don't miss the chance! 

Minggu, 03 Maret 2013

Rojukiss The Most Precious Spot Light BB Cream

Hello everyone, finally I can post this review *exhale* Well, I was extremely busy back then. The college things; thesis, graduation, and not to forget my sickness. But don't worry, now I'm back on track (and gain the weight that I lost during sickness, sad..) Anyway, I'm reviewing Rojukiss The Most Precious Spot Light BB Cream from WISHTREND

I bet that most of you, especially my Indonesian readers, are not familiar with this brand. Me too, you know. When I got this at the first time I was like, well.. Never heard of this brand, and the packaging is not cute at all. We are all accustomed to CUTIE Korean Beauty Products' packaging, right?

Well, since not everyone knows about this brand, let's talk about it a bit, just to broaden our knowledge. ;)
Rojukiss is a Korean cosmetic brand that claims to produce natural and cosmetical brand. Rojukiss comes from Romeo, Juliet, and kiss combined together. The name is supposed to remind us to the feeling of our first  kiss eternally. Wow.. The philosophy behind the name is really sweet.. Rojukiss provides you higher quality as it aims on natural care by focusing on nature+human+science. Fore more complete information about Rojukiss, you can visit the English website here (caution: the English version might be confusing).

Enough about the brand, now let's talk about the BB cream!

The product comes in a very simple, elegant, and (a bit) masculine, at least in my opinion. At first I thought that this was Men's product! LOL. Yeah, it comes in 50ml tube packaging, quite plenty for a BB Cream, which I loove. The packaging design is very simple with black and silver color. 

C for Cheerful Skin Giveaway feat. WISHTREND

Hello everyone, I'm back with new giveaway. This time is also presented by WISHTREND. The key requirements are mostly the same, and you have to signed up to WISHTREND for sure!

What's for this time?
It's O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum!

'Nuff said, now enter all your entries below and this is the banner if you decide to put it on your blog.


Jumat, 01 Maret 2013

Experiencing Photo Facial at ZAP

Hello all! Are you familiar with facial? Big chance that most of you get facial regularly like once a month or more/ less. But it's not with me, I was so hesitant to get facial due to several reasons. For others, they might be hesitant because of the 'pinching' process. Yes, most facial requires pinching the acne;  both whitehead and blackhead. It is painful and yes, left you with redness everywhere in your face right after. 

In January, I visited ZAP and tried out their latest treatment; Photo Facial. Wow, sounds so sophisticated, right? So, photo facial uses several lights spectrum to stimulate collagen regeneration and repair our skin condition. Unlike conventional facial which only cleanse the outermost layer of the skin and do the extraction of whitehead and blackhead, ZAP photo facial prioritizes the treatment on epidermis of the skin. The benefits of this treatment are as follows:
  1. Reduce acne
  2. Reduce uneven skin color and dark spots
  3. Repair skin damage due to the sun exposure
  4. Reduce fine wrinkles
  5. Shrink pores
  6. Stimulate the regeneration of collagen thus reducing the signs of aging
  7. Helps lighten up skin color
There is no pain during the ZAP photo facial treatment. This treatment needs  around 1 hour for each session. Moreover, the result is instant!  Yes, right after the treatment, your face brightens up instantly. Though, the change can be seen after a single treatment, there is a need to repeat the treatment every month so that you will see more satisfying result. It is also advisable to add face peeling treatment 1 week after photo facial to accelerate the process.

Those are ZAP's claim, so what are my real experience?

This treatment is done by a medical doctor, ensuring the safety of the practice. But first, the therapist will help me cleansing my face (at that time I came with make up). So she prepared me for the cleansing by putting on the bandana first.

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