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So, I have introduced WISHTREND once here, but well, seeing that WISHTREND changed a lot, I think I have to reintroduce it to you all!!

I am one of the WISHTREND First Ambassador who receives box of products to be reviewed. I want to thank WISHTREND including Eddie and Scarlett for being soooo kind and fun during my period of being ambassador. Well, they're so helpful and friendly!

First, I would like to tell you my top 3 products from WISHTREND.


1. O.S.T Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

My savior during my breakout after tried out Japanese product HL. Even my big acne bump disappeared in only one night! Must-have product!

2. Rojukiss The Most Precious Spot Light BB Cream

Whoohoo, so far this is my best coverage BB Cream (covers up the pores and other skin flaws) and moisturizing a lot! 

3. SKIN & LAB K Plus Red-X

This one alleviated my dark circles and reduced redness on my cheek! It's also lightweight and not sticky at all.

And since I was soooo satisfied with products from WISHTREND, of course I do have wishlist of products!


1. Tosowoong Clean Pore Brush

I have big pores and blackheads, that's why I really want to give this product a try!

2. Caolion Multi Soothing Booster

It's MD Choice and also multi-functional! Moreover, my favorite Korean actor; Park Shi Hoo has this on his vanity on Cheong Dam Dong Alice series!

3. Elishacoy Always Nuddy CC Cream

CC Cream!! Well, it's a hype nowadays and though I already pull myself off from it, the temptation is just getting stronger, LOL.

Whoaa, I'm drooling over those lovely products on WISHTREND. It's as if they're all calling me "Tia...Tia.. Come and buy us, bring us to Indonesia, please just click add to cart and check out" LOL. I guess I'm in delusion.



[WISHTrendTV] Spill Tay's beans, 저를 소개합니다!

Let's meet new muse of WISHtrendTV, Tay!!! 

*Every Friday, you can see the new video of WISHtrend TV*


Thanks to this new section, you can get special discount on particular product promoted in this section for 1 day only!

[BEAUTY STEAL] One day Special event

Amazing product is provided particular discounted price and/or free gift at the BEAUTY STEAL section!


And of course, there will be still, the WISHBOX!

I am in looove with this Valentine Box!

Seriously, all the items are tempting and sweet! What I want the most is of course Elishacoy Always Nuddy BB24. I've been eyeing it since I've got the sample sachet size from WISHTREND too! Works great on me.

So, with these great improvements I guess I love WISHTREND more! Not to forget the friendly people behind it!

So for those of you who are curious enough about WISHTREND, feel free to visit them HERE:

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