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Rojukiss The Most Precious Spot Light BB Cream

Hello everyone, finally I can post this review *exhale* Well, I was extremely busy back then. The college things; thesis, graduation, and not to forget my sickness. But don't worry, now I'm back on track (and gain the weight that I lost during sickness, sad..) Anyway, I'm reviewing Rojukiss The Most Precious Spot Light BB Cream from WISHTREND

I bet that most of you, especially my Indonesian readers, are not familiar with this brand. Me too, you know. When I got this at the first time I was like, well.. Never heard of this brand, and the packaging is not cute at all. We are all accustomed to CUTIE Korean Beauty Products' packaging, right?

Well, since not everyone knows about this brand, let's talk about it a bit, just to broaden our knowledge. ;)
Rojukiss is a Korean cosmetic brand that claims to produce natural and cosmetical brand. Rojukiss comes from Romeo, Juliet, and kiss combined together. The name is supposed to remind us to the feeling of our first  kiss eternally. Wow.. The philosophy behind the name is really sweet.. Rojukiss provides you higher quality as it aims on natural care by focusing on nature+human+science. Fore more complete information about Rojukiss, you can visit the English website here (caution: the English version might be confusing).

Enough about the brand, now let's talk about the BB cream!

The product comes in a very simple, elegant, and (a bit) masculine, at least in my opinion. At first I thought that this was Men's product! LOL. Yeah, it comes in 50ml tube packaging, quite plenty for a BB Cream, which I loove. The packaging design is very simple with black and silver color. 

It comes in tube packaging instead of airless pump packaging.. I'm OK with this, but for those who are concerned over hygiene issues, you might not love this. 

Let's move on to the texture then! The texture of this BB Cream is very, very thick. Yes, it comes really close to foundation. So, for those of you who prefer more coverage, you will totally dig this! But, for those of you who prefer light, sheer coverage, you can skip this because this has full-coverage, baby! As for me, I TOTALLY love this thick consistency. It covers all my dark spots and acne scars, completely. Moreover, as it claim, it does cover your (huge) pores. In the end, despite of the thick consistency and full-coverage feature, for my normal-to-oily combination skin, this BB cream doesn't feel heavy at all, and perfect for any occassions; daily, party, hang-out, etc.

This BB Cream has only single shade, which fortunately match my skin tone (yay). The shade is really, really fair. This is the fairest shade of all BB Creams that I have (Etude House Shini Star, Holika Holika Petit, Belif, Silkygirl, BRTC). But, like any other BB Cream, all you have to do is wait a little bit (Around 5 minutes or more) and the color will match up with your skin tone. Ah! You don't have to be afraid that this BB Cream will oxidize, because for me, it doesn't! (please note that I have normal-to-oily skin with big pores on my T-Zone).

So, these are my before-after pics. You tell me!


And these are bigger pictures to see better!

And my other pictures, just as an alternative, so that you can see the after pictures better (LOL, I'm just a camwhore).

The staying power of this BB Cream is quite good, it's around 5 hours before your face gets oily. And my mom (my picky mom!) loves this BB Cream so much when I tried this on her, guess I will purchase this for my mom, soon. 

Anyway, I received this product as part of my participation as WISHTREND First Ambassador along with other bloggers from other countries. Though I was given this product for free, I am not affected by it and those words above are 100% pure my honest opinion based on my own experience of using this product for 2 months. So, this is not a webtorial, for sure!

If you're interested in giving this product a try, you can order this by visiting WISHTREND and you can use my coupon code "HAPPY2013" to get special discount for any purchase of products at WISHTREND.

Wait for other reviews of my WISHBOX, soon!

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