Kamis, 31 Maret 2016

My Matte Lips Collection

I'm a lipstick person, really. My makeup stash is mostly filled with lip products, whether it's lipstick, lip stain, or lip gloss. And since these days matte lips trend is back, yes I don't want to be left behind, so here's my matte lips collection!

Senin, 28 Maret 2016


Sometimes we are focusing too much on our face that we're neglecting our body skin. Yes, that happens to me as well. The more I take care of my face, the more I realized that my body skin is far worse than my face. 

I'm that person who hates to put on body lotion because I hate the sticky feeling after (mixed with sweat then I'm doomed). And that's why I'm tempted to try another Japanese product; Cowstyle Bouncia Body Soap.

Sabtu, 26 Maret 2016

Royal Garden Spa Platinum

Last week, I visited Royal Garden Spa Platinum. Yes, I was totally exhausted from my recent trip with my best friends. And for sure, I was in dire need of relaxation, which explained why I choose Royal Garden Spa Platinum.

Royal Garden Spa is one of the major player in beauty and wellness industry in Indonesia. Recently, it introduces Royal Garden spa Platinum in Ahmad Dahlan area, precisely in South Jakarta. Royal Garden Spa Platinum is derived from "Mahakarya Warisan Nusantara", which means that it strives to bring the Indonesian traditional culture to become the king in its own land.

SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub Iseiya & Adzuki Beans Keiko

Recently I just went on vacation with my friends to Thailand for 4 days and of course we spent a lot of time under the sun. The weather was even worse than Jakarta, the humidity was literally killing me. :(

The result is, of course, me getting tanned. LOL. It was not that bad though, but my arms were seriously tanner than my other body parts. And just in time, SHINZU'I UME Body Scrubs came and saved my life! And since they saved my life, I'd like to share with you my experience in using SHINZU'I UME Skin Lightening Body Scrub Iseiya and Body Scrub Adzuki Beans Keiko.

Rabu, 23 Maret 2016

Nose Filler at The Clinic Beautylosophy

This post is a little bit late, but I waited for months to wait because I want to see the real result! In November 2015 I went to The Clinic Beautylosophy to get filler injection on my nose. If you notice, I did filler once in another beauty clinic (READ HERE). So, yes i have to admit that I am a little bit insecure about my nose. Among my family, I'm the only one with flat nose. To be honest it's something that I'm always being anxious about.

Selasa, 15 Maret 2016

REVIEW: Dermacept RX

Back with another skin care review, now I would like to share to you about Dermacept RX. Have you ever heard about it? As for me, I've heard about it around 1-2 years ago from Japan Beauty Week exhibition. It's a dermaceutical brand from Rohto (now you know it, right?).

Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++

Hello girls! Do you experience cakey, sweaty face whenever you wear makeup, especially under the sun? High-five with me! I always ditch powder because it will only end up with oily, sweaty, cakey face. :(

But I can't give up on powder forever, so I decided to give Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++ a try!

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