Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++

Hello girls! Do you experience cakey, sweaty face whenever you wear makeup, especially under the sun? High-five with me! I always ditch powder because it will only end up with oily, sweaty, cakey face. :(

But I can't give up on powder forever, so I decided to give Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake SPF 20 PA++ a try!

Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake gives glow with a bright, smooth, flawless, and natural look throughout our day long activities. It also protects the skin from UVB that can burn the skin and UVA that can darken our complexion.

Moreover, it contains Vitamin C to help maintain a bright complexion and make our complexion fairer. Also, this two way cake contains Mulberry to keep your skin smooth and looks natural. And last but not least, it has technology called Microfine Powder which blends perfectly with the skin and produce a natural look. 

Let's see!


As you can see, my face has several dark spots and I have some acne spots. And yes, those heavy eyebags. ._.

The shade that I've got is 14 Natural. It fits perfectly on me as it is very similar to my skin tone. The texture is fine and soft, easy to blend.

It comes with a sponge to apply the product. I love the sponge, it doesn't absorb much powder and soft to my skin.


Above photo was taken 3 hours after the application of Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Way Cake. I rode Ojek (motorcycle) to office and the two way cake was still there.

As you can see, it perfectly covers up my imperfections (dark spots, acne spots, and dark circles). It has glowing finish which I really love!


And ta-ra! That is me after 7 hours of wearing Marina Smooth & Glow UV Two Ways Cake SPF 20 PA++. It fades a little but it stays! There are some oily area on my T-Zone. I stay inside office and only went out for lunch for around 1 hour.

After all, I really like this two way cake because thought the price is quite affordable, this product delivers its promises! It stays long enough (around 7 hours) and it covers my imperfections perfectly!

The product is also easy to be found in many places such as Carrefour, Giant, Hypermart, Lottemart, Naga, Tip Top, dan toko kosmetik lainnya.

The only drawback is the packaging, the cap is somehow a little bit hard to be opened and not sturdy enough. 

For more information about Marina visit links below:


5 komentar:

  1. Boleh dicoba bedak marina yang ini. Maklum di T zone suka oily.

    1. Iya ayo coba Bee.. Harganya juga oke banget :))

  2. marina juga termasuk kosmetik yang sudah lama ada ya, pasti terjamin kualitasnya

    1. iyaa.. sudah cukup lama, jadi pastinya aman :)

  3. Aku udah coba BB creamnya, pas liat ini jadi penasaran sama two way cake nya :D


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