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My Matte Lips Collection

I'm a lipstick person, really. My makeup stash is mostly filled with lip products, whether it's lipstick, lip stain, or lip gloss. And since these days matte lips trend is back, yes I don't want to be left behind, so here's my matte lips collection!

My Matte Lips Collection

I categorize my matte lips collection into two; regular lipstick and liquid lipstick.

Regular Lipstick

In this category, there are two subcategories; I called them thick and slim packaging (LOL). 

Thick Packaging

The first sub is the thick one, yes this is regular lipstick packaging that is available the most in the market. I own four from L'Oreal Paris, Maybelline, and NYX.

My very first matte lipstick is Maybelline New York Color Sensational Bold Matte in MAT 2. The color is super pretty, it's the orangish red that makes my whole complexion fresher and brighter. I usually combine this shade with soft pink or nude shade to create two-tone lips. Worth the money, around Rp 65,000++ and yes despite of being the old member in my makeup stash, I still come back for her to color my day!

I also own two shades of L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Lipstick Moist Matte Flaming Kiss & Cherry Crush. As the name mention, this lipstick has matte finish, but very moisturizing. I give two thumbs up for the moisturizing ability of this lipstick. Every time I put on this lipstick, my lips is never dry or chapped. It glides smoothly and leaves no crack. It's more expensive compared to Maybelline; around Rp Rp 110,000++, but yes since it has better moisture, I still say this worth the money, especially when you have dry lips. 

And lately, I just got myself another matte lipstick; NYX Matte Lipstick. I actually own one; Shocking Pink, it's a Blue-tone hot pink.

Foto kiriman Istiarina Putri (@utotia) pada

And I got another pink NYX Matte Lipstick Summer Breeze from Sociolla last month~ It's clean blue-toned pink. It looks like the lighter version of Shocking Pink. The color payoff is great and compared to previous lipstick I've mentioned, NYX Matte Lipstick has the greatest color and matte finish. Just make sure your lips is well-moisturized before you apply this product. It lasts quite long, but unfortunately after 6-7 hours, my lips is cracked.

NYX Matte Lipstick in Summer Breeze
Slim Packaging

Move on to the next sub, I have three lipstick which fall into this subcategory. The first is MAKEOVER Ultra Hi Matte Lipstick. I've been a loyal user of MAKEOVER, especially the lipstick. I personally even think that MAKEOVER has the best nude shade for all of its lipstick range. I tried Ultra Shine and own two different shades of nude and they are very nice!

And this Baby Bombshell shade came out nice on my lips as well, it's not too pale and not too brownish. It has a hint of peach so it fits my skin tone very well.

Another one is Purbasari Lipstick Color Matte. Yes, that legendary Purbasari matte lipstick! I joined the hype and got 84 shade after tirelessly look for it everywhere. The shade is super duper amazing! The color is orangish deep red, I often put it only on the center of my lips. The only drawback is the packaging, it's so fragile. But the price is super cheap, it's around Rp 32.000 only!

The last one is the cheapest matte lipstick I've ever purchased: Just Miss J-40. I purchased it in Stroberi for only Rp 14,000! LOL. And I am so surprised at the result, the color is super pigmented and last quite long. But unfortunately I don't find the texture pleasing. It glides poorly, it feels like I'm using wax candle on my lips, plus it smells like candle. My lips is dry and I don't feel comfortable using this lipstick. :(

Just Miss

Liquid Lipstick

Besides, stick packaging, I also own the liquid ones. The packaging is very similar to lip gloss (with applicator). Only the result is matte. I personally love this kind of packaging since it allows us to be more precise in applying the product to our lips. 

My very first liquid matte lipstick is LANCOME L'Absolue Velours 363. The price is around Rp 300,000++. Quite expensive, but well it's LANCOME ladies. I usually doubt high-end color cosmetics, especially lipstick. Yes, most of high-end brands offer great skin care features in their makeup line, but in terms of color payoff, mostly they suck. And here's the good news: LANCOME L'Absolue Velours has ah-mazing color payoff! And yes I love it also because it doesn't dry my lips. The applicator is also super flexible and it allows me to put on my lipstick precisely. The only drawback is the price, it's kinda expensive but yes it worth the price!!

The latest liquid lipstick I've received is Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. I got three different shades; Love, Obsession, and Seduction. This one claims to be wax-free, so it's super light. I love the color payoff, though I need to wait until the product is dry before continuing other things. If you don't wait till it's dry, it will bleed (for me it sips into my teeth gap, LOL). 

But it is still worth the wait, the color payoff is super satisfying and it doesn't dry my lips since it's wax-free! The applicator is decent, compared to LANCOME, I find it a little bit hard to precisely apply the product. Guess I need more time to practice! And if you're a big fan of sweet scent, this lipcolor has whipped vanilla and cream mango scent, I find it hard to resist the urge to lick it though. The price is also quite affordable for liquid lipstick; Rp 110.000.

REVLON Ultra HD Matte Lip Color in LOVE
OK, those are my scattered thoughts about my matte lips collection. I hope you don't find it boring. Maybe you can share your recommendation for other matte lip products?

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