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SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub Iseiya & Adzuki Beans Keiko

Recently I just went on vacation with my friends to Thailand for 4 days and of course we spent a lot of time under the sun. The weather was even worse than Jakarta, the humidity was literally killing me. :(

The result is, of course, me getting tanned. LOL. It was not that bad though, but my arms were seriously tanner than my other body parts. And just in time, SHINZU'I UME Body Scrubs came and saved my life! And since they saved my life, I'd like to share with you my experience in using SHINZU'I UME Skin Lightening Body Scrub Iseiya and Body Scrub Adzuki Beans Keiko.


I bet some of you are not quite familiar yet with SHINZU'I UME. Is it similar to SHINZU'I? Actually SHINZU'I and SHINZU'I UME are like sisters. In order to understand it better, kindly read my explanation below.


  • Key Ingredients
Both of them contain Herba Matsu Oil (patented and owned solely by SHINZU'I) which is a natural ingredients to improve moisture, slow down aging process, protect from UV damage, and brighten the skin & Sakura Flower Extract which regenerates skin cells in order to make it look brighter and more elastic.
  • Price
Both of them are in similar prices.
  • Quality
Both of them produce a lot of thick bubble foam, has strong, long-lasting fragrance, and do not dry the skin.


  • Target
SHINZU'I UME is targeted to women age 15-20 years old, while SHINZU'I is for more mature ones (24-35 years old).
  • Fragrance
In terms of fragrance type, SHINZU'I UME has softer, calmer fragrance.

In this post, I will review two types of SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub; Regular (wet) and Adzuki Beans (dry).

SHINZU'I UME Skin Lightening Body Scrub Iseiya

All of SHINZU'I UME product range has five fragrances: Iseiya, Keiko, Hatsune, Yozora, and Ayumi. As for the regular body scrub, I chose Iseiya out of impulse because the color is red, LOL. 

The packaging is almost similar to SHINZU'I Body Scrub, but SHINZU'I UME has more 'kawaii' feeling. It has such a cute and sweet decoration of Sakura flowers all over the packaging. And the size will last for 1-2 months (250g), so it's a great deal!


The texture of the body scrub is so smooth and fine. It doesn't feel like I'm scratching my skin when I rub it on my arms and whole body. 

And usually, I always have a problem with other body scrub: it feels itchy after rinsing the scrub. You might say that it might be the result of unclean rinse, but no, using SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub, I don't feel any itchiness after rinse. 

It's not that sticky and leave and leave no residue.

More good news is that it delivers instant result. The result can be seen as soon as you rinse it after one time use.


As you can see on the above picture, My left hand is slightly tanned than the right hand. It was really after one wash only! Super awesome~

I also love the fragrance of Iseiya because it feels so soft and relaxing. 

SHINZU'I UME Skin Lightening Body Scrub Adzuki Beans Keiko

I also chose other type of SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub; Adzuki Beans Keiko. What's the difference between the SHINZU'I UME regular body scrub and Adzuki Beans body scrub?

Both body scrubs contains key ingredients: Herba Matsu Oil (patented by SHINZU'I) & Sakura Flower Extract, but Adzuki Beans contains Adzuki Beans & Japanese Rice.

And here's the benefit of two key ingredients which make Adzuki Beans Body Scrub different from the regular body scrub.

Adzuki Beans

Help to remove dead skin cells and cleanse the pores from dirt and bacteria which can be damaging to the skin (darken the skin tone).

Japanese Rice

Soften and brighten the skin so that our skin looks naturally fairer and brighter.

The packaging is smaller than the regular body scrub, it's 100g size.


The texture of this body scrub is even smoother and finer than the regular body scrub. I was amazed because it almost feels nothing as if there's no bead. And since this is a dry body scrub, after a few rubs, I leave it to dry for around 1-2 minutes and rub it to remove the scrub.


After it dried, I rubbed it slowly to remove the dead skin cells and residues. You can see my skin's dead cells on the above picture, LOL.

And it doesn't feel stick at all! At first I was skeptical about this dry body scrub, because without any water rinse I assumed that it will be still sticky, even just a little bit.

And yes, I was surprised that it doesn't feel sticky at all. The scrub is not hard to be removed without any water rinse.

Here's the comparison.


On the above picture, my left hand is bare hand while the right hand is after using SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub Adzuki Beans Keiko. It's only after one usage and you can see the result right? My right hand is slightly fairer and brighter than the other one.

I also like the Keiko fragrance, it is similar to Iseiya, only the fragrance is stronger and lasts longer. 

I used the Adzuki Beans dry body scrub only to several parts of my body, such as my elbows, knees, and my feet. It's very convenient as you can still exfoliate your body even without the help of water to rinse the residues.

If you're still hesitant to try SHINZU'I UME Body Scrub Adzuki Beans, you should know that:
  • It has natural whitening agent (natural), so it's definitely safe to use it, even on daily basis.
  • Proven to brighten the skin naturally
  • Paraben-free
  • Can be used on skin directly (dry condition)
  • Irritation-free and has cooling sensation on the skin
  • Can be used on all skin types, even for sensitive skin
With abundant of aforementioned benefits, now you're convinced to use it too, right?

In conclusion, I really like using both body scrubs by SHINZU'I UME. The regular body scrub (Iseiya) is not harsh to my skin and gives instant result. Also, the packaging size is a great deal, it can lasts until 2 months for me. The only drawback is it only has one size. I wish it has smaller size to be carried on during my travel trip.

Adzuki Beans body scrub (Keiko) is also such a great product since it offers something that is very convenient, especially for lazy girl like me, LOL. It doesn't need to be rinsed after use. I just rub it to remove the dead skin cells and the product residues and voila~ I have brighter skin instantly! The only drawback is kind of the same with the regular body scrub as it comes in only one size. 

If you want to get more information about SHINZU'I UME, you can visit the social media here:
TWITTER - @shinzuiume_id
INSTAGRAM - @shinzuiume_id

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    1. iya Girly, kemasannya juga kawaii (banci packaging) :p

      Cobain deh si Keiko ini fragrancenya enakkk.. Iseiya lebih wangi dan seger..

  2. The packaging are so cute! And i'm surprise it doesn't give sticky feeling even without the water rinse, thanks for sharing ☺

    Ghina Aulia Megaputri {}

    1. Hi Ghina! Yes, at first I was a bit skeptical too, but it turned out that it doesn't leave any residue and sticky feeling. Very recommended :)

  3. Kak Tia, body scrub yang Iseiya sama Adzuki Beans enak mana wanginya? Habis lihat foto hasilnya jadi pengen beli deeeh~~

  4. Selalu suka yang wangi Iseiya, terus sekarang ada scrubnya. Yeii :D

  5. Terlihat banget ya perbedaannya, jadi lebih putih dan cerah.
    Patut dicoba nih biar lebih putih 😁😁

  6. Wah....bisa buat kulit putih ya?boleh dicoba nih...hehe suka malu jalan sama oppa...aku kan sawo terlalu matang kulitnya hehe..... Catet produk ini buat dibeli hehe....

  7. wah jadi pengen nyoba scrub keringnya Adzuki bean

  8. Packagingnya eyecatching banget. Kayanya enak nih scrubnya, noted di wishlist hehehe.

    Salam kenal ya, aku dari Sociolla Blogger :)

  9. sipp, kita beli ntar ya mbak

    salam kenal ya, eh potonya itu jadi gimana gitu :p
    manfaat bersin

  10. waa.. hasilnya keliatan banget yaa.. *pengeenn

  11. gila packangingnya aduhai cantik bgt perbedaan sebelum dan sesudah pakai jd buat pengen nyoba juga nih

    mampir ya kak istiarina


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