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Menard Indonesia 3 Steps 30 Days in 3 Products: After a Month

Last time, I already blogged about my 2-week experience with Menard 3 products. Now, after a month of using them all, I'd like to share with you again. ^^

Okay, so first step is to cleanse using Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream.


Use this cleansing cream at night before washing your face. So the product is a cream which can cleanse your face from makeup residue. It works just like cleansing milk and cleansing oil.

The texture is very creamy, to use it, put an amount of cherry size to palm of your hand, like this:

Then spread it evenly onto your face.

After that, gently massage your whole face in circular motion until the texture changes from creamy to oily and the color changes from white to transparent. Then wash or clean it with washlap.

Next is Tsukika Washing Cream. This is my favorite item. Why? Because I can play with foam with this! Hihi. So, this washing cream is all about making foam to cleanse your face. Japanese believes that in order to cleanse your face it's best to let the foam does it for you instead of using fingers or any kinds of tool.

How? You just need to put an amount of the product a size of 2cm length on your palm then, using foaming net (you can also purchase this net at Menard's nearest counter), create the foam slowly by rubbing the damp net to your hand.

After the foam is sufficient, put the foam on your dried face (not damp face!) evenly until all your face is covered. After that, gently make circular motion on your whole face, but make sure your finger doesn't touch your skin directly. Keep your finger floating! The foam and bubbles will perform deep cleansing since they can reach even the smalles hole in your pores.

After a few motions, rinse your face with water or you can also choose to cleanse using damp cloth. Note that you shouldn't rub to dry your face, dabbing the cloth/ towel is enough. Don't be harsh to your skin ^^

Last product is Menard Beauness S Lotion! I like the packaging since it's very elegant, it's made of glass ^^ So be careful if you have it, hihihi.

This is the last step of Menard's skin care, so after cleansing and washing, it's time to put some lotion on your face. Remember that the best way to put lotion is by using cotton pad. Pour the lotion of a Rp 500 bill coin to the pad and gently dab the pad to your whole face. Keep dabbing until your skin feels a cooling sensation, which means that the lotion has absorbed to your skin layers.

And for those who experience acne, you can also dab the cotton pad (with Beauness S) a bit longer and let it stays for few minutes. This helps to improve your skin and also fight the bacteria which can cause acne and inflammation. Really works!

And this is how my face look like after 1 month of using 3 Menard's products!

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  1. Wah produk ini menarik banget >3< jadi pengen coba pake juga,tapi harganya agak mahal ya --" mungkin coba di beaunessnya dulu aja ya hheehe

  2. produk yang foam nya itu lucu banget. jadi tertarik, apalagi aku emang suka sabun yang banyak busanyaa

    1. iyaaaaa, aku juga paling suka washing foam, bisa buat main hahaha

      thanks for stopping by!

  3. Aku pengen banget beli foam netnya menard.. Menard disini nggak ada sayangnya.Hmm..


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