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Makarizo t1 Intensive Equalizer Shampoo and Conditioner

This time I'd like to review a hair product from Makarizo t1 Techno Nature; it's t1 Intensive Equalizer line.

And first, I will review the shampoo and conditioner. So what is exactly t1 Intensive Equalizer? It's exclusively introduced for chemically-treated hair (coloring, curl, and rebonding process).

The shampoo contains Aspartic acid which is rich in vegetable protein. It can bring back the moisture to our hair and also strengthen the hair strands after the chemical process. It also contains anti-pollutant.

It comes in a shocking orange bottle packaging. So refreshing! And also just like any other shampoo and hair care product, it has flip top cap.

The product texture is between runny and creamy. It's not too liquid, yet it's not that thick. It has clear, almost transparent orange color with nice and refreshing scent.

After using this product around 3 days, I love the result, it cleanses yet leaving my hair fresh and less flyaways.


The conditioner is enriched with the help of Hydrolizer Protein which can help improve the elasticity of hair, fix dried, dull, and damaged hair, and make it easier for us to comb our hair.

The packaging is similar. Hihi, so sometimes I find it hard to differentiate, maybe they should think of packaging innovation? :D

I love the texture! The texture is very, very creamy, with soft, pastel orange color. It looks like Thousand Island mayo! LOL. I'm starving I guess.

I love the soft scent, so while the shampoo has refreshing scent, the conditioner 'balance' it with relaxing perfume which make us feel tranquil. *~_~*

And since I have wavy hair, sometimes I find it hard to style my hair, I have lots of flyaways and also unruly hair. With this conditioner, I find my hair loooook way more tidy than before!


Verdict? I love how this product treats my chemically-processed hair really good! Since I have experience with dried ends after the whole coloring process, both shampoo and conditioner give back my hair's life. My hair has become smoother, shiny, and healthy again.

Thank you t1 Techno Nature!

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