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A few weeks ago I have a coloring service from Irwan Team Hair Design. I was lucky to experience the whole hair service offered by them. But the main highlight is the coloring service using INOA.

Let's see the before pics. Here are them~

front shot
As you can see my hair is naturally wavy and a bit thick (though it become thinner after I suffered from typhoid recently). For the color, I still have my last ombre color on my lower hair part.

back shot
And ends are very, very dry. I was hopeless with this condition to the point that I wanted to cut my hair short because it keeps falling and my hair just got thinner and crappier day by day.

And I was luckily escorted by Mba Shendy, one of IRWAN TEAM hair stylist. She checked my hair first and did the color choice after brief consultation with me. We ended up choosing light brownish shade for the whole hair.

Of course, washing came first~

after washing
After washing then someone quickly blow dry my hair first, then mba Shendy rechecked my hair condition again to decide the best coloring technique. I love how detail and meticulous IRWAN TEAM stylist is. Feel so special, y'know? :)


blow dry 1

middle one is my color

The coloring process was simple and quite fast. Since this INOA has gel texture instead of most coloring product (cream), so the colorist said that it doesn't need much product to achieve satisfying result. The highlight of INOA is it's AMMONIA-FREE. Which means that it has low risk of triggering irritation on our scalp and also less damage to our hair as well.

From my experience, the coloring process was really nice and convenient as it didn't have sting smell unlike previous coloring process I've done. It was indeed, smell nice, with a hint of soft, flowery scent. Moreover, the process was quite fast, for my hair (which is medium-length and medium-density), it took only 30 minutes for first coloring and 15 minutes for root coloring. Back then I have to wait hours for coloring...

The technique was also different. Instead of applying coloring gel from root to ends, colorist at IRWAN TEAM starts from middle hair strands to ends. Wait for 30 minutes and applied the product to the whole root then use the remaining product to rest of the hair. The colorist said that this was done to prevent the different hair color result between root and ends 1-3 months after coloring (the new hair will show up and it will be significantly different with colored hair). So, the root will be darker than the rest of the hair. Bravo! :D

waiting for coloring
After 2-3 recheck by mba Shendy then finally I proceed to the final washing. They also use INOA hair care shampoo and conditioner for this. After washing, then mba Shendy decided to cut my hair a bit just to get rid of those split and dried ends. Then second aka final blow dry was waiting for me. Hihi.

blow dry 2
After around 15 minutes of blow dry, finally this is the final result of my hair makeover at IRWAN TEAM HAIR DESIGN Grand Indonesia:

welcoming new hair!

back shot

closer look

LALALA~ I'm so happy happy happy with the result. Oh, but not only the result, but also the whole process since the staffs and stylists at IRWAN TEAM HAIR DESIGN Grand Indonesia were very very friendly and helpful!

As for the result, you can see that I am no longer having such unruly hair and uneven hair color. Now I have such a silky smooth, nice color hair.

What amazes me the most is also the blow dry. Well, I believe it's already being well-known that we are advised not to wash our hair 3-4 days after the coloring process. So, I wasn't washed my hair 3 days after and you know what? My hair stays the same, I mean 3 days without washing, I can't imagine how oily my head will be. I will be a human oil-tanker. -____- But, my hair only got oily a bit, and the blow stays. Not that itchy that I still can handle it.

After 3 days, I wash my hair and up until now, my hair color still looks good and one of a friend even said that my hair is so shiny and looks healthy to the level that it looks like a wig! LOLOLOLOL.

Thank you so much IRWAN TEAM HAIR DESIGN for letting me experienced such a great services from wash, coloring, to cutting. All words and testimonial provided above are all true and based on my honest experience and opinion. I do recommend you to take care of your hair whether it's hair care or styling here at IRWAN TEAM.

And just in case you'd like to know the price list, you can check the pics I took below.

coloring price list

cutting price list

Bye bye and see you on my next post!

pose with Shendy; my stylist that day!

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  2. bener2 jd change ur look secara keseluruhan yahhh, cuteeee :)
    eh tapi yg beforenya juga bagus sih ombrenya itu..

  3. astaga, ak abs nge googling ttg Irwan Team, pas banget kluar d blog mu kak Tia XD Bagus color nya de :3 pas gituu

  4. Hi sis.. bole tau pas itu abis brp coliring d irwan?

  5. Hi sis.. bole tau pas itu abis brp coliring d irwan?

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