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POND'S New White Beauty (Re)Launch: Jernih Putih Merona

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On September 25th, Pond's Institute has released its latest innovation in facial skin care by launching the New Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White; a cream which doesn't only brightens up skin complexion, but also translucent and glowing!

Before the event starts (courtesy of Lyne)

I was invited to attend the New Pond's White Beauty (Re)Launch event in Hotel Mulia, Senayan. So, let's talk about what's so special about this product that Pond's decided to relaunch it!

nice decoration everywhere
What's so special about this New Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White is the natural ingredients; it contains Korean Ginseng and Saffron.

cute illustration of POND'S New White Beauty

star of the night!
Typical Indonesian women are long to be fair and beautiful, but now the definition of beautiful has shifted a bit into translucent pinkish white (in Indonesia it's jernih putih merona). Pond's has acknowledged this and fulfill that wish of Indonesian women by using Korean ginseng and saffron.

Real Korean Ginseng!
Real Saffron, it actually smells really really nice!

Actually, I also realized this trend. Personally as a girl, I don't want to be fair and pale. Well, I don't wanna be a vampire like the Cullens. Looks dead and has no soul, eh?

sorry I ain't Bella Swan darling...
The current trend is to be fair while stay fresh, and Pond's has specific term for that: Jernih Putih Merona or Translucent Pinkish White. Why? Because with a hint of pink, our face become fresher, and look healthy and nice to see by others as well. Rather than being pale, I want to look fair and healthy as well!

Just like Yoon Eun Hye does *^_^*

See? It's different. Most of Korean women has fair, pinkish complexion which makes them look fair and fresh at the same time. That's what me, and other women in Indonesia want!

Besides, we all want to have such a great skin which is fair, fresh, and glowing even without makeup with flushed cheek without any blush on nor makeup! With New Pond's White Beauty, of course you can achieve Jernih Putih Merona aka Translucent Pinkish White face!

Indriani; Senior Brand Manager Pond's Indonesia (courtesy of Lyne)
Nah, in order to learn more about this latest innovation from Pond's Institute, Dr. David Birtwistle as R& D Regional Director, Skin Care & Cleansing Unilever for Southeast Asia and Australasia explained that Pond's Institure has done so many researchs in order to find the right formulation to effectively fulfill every woman's need to be fair and beautiful.

(courtesy of Lyne)
Pond's Institue has become the pioneer in using Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) as one of active ingredients in skin lightening products  in 1975. Wow! 

So, why Korean ginseng and saffron?

Korean ginseng is formulated exclusively to help purifying the skin so that it looks glowing and transform into a translucent pinkish white skin. While saffron flower extract helps to clear up any dark skin and spots from the face. These two good natural essence are combined with the most sophisticated technology from Pond's Institute will help us to get fairer, translucent pinkish white skin.

Day Cream

Night Cream

Nope. It's not only improve, but also protect babes!

It has triple sun protection agents which helps to protect face from the dangerous UV light.

I also tried and tested both day and night cream at that event. Want to see? Just scroll down babes!

So the texture for both products is different. For day cream, it has matte finish and it absorbs real quick! Of course this matte finish will be loved so much by most of Indonesians as I believe most of us have oily skin (or, at least normal to oily skin). You can wear this day cream without being afraid of the excess oil after a few hours. Don't forget it also has sun protection, praktis!

As for night cream, it has creamy, rich consistency and it needs some time to absorb. I don't mind with this since it's a night cream, it stays overnight to help repair and improve our skin. So, don't be afraid!

Moreover, both day and night cream are suitable for any skin types. Which means, dry, combination, and oily skin can use these products!

There was also an interesting demonstration done by mr. Birtwistle, of how Pond's active ingredients can get rid of oil in a small kind of vase, and make the blurred words become crystal clear!

before (courtesy of Lyne)

pour the active ingredients (courtesy of Lyne)

You can now go get this product at your nearest mini market, supermarket, or hypermarket for (price may vary) Rp 15.700 (20g), Rp 29.300 (40g), and Rp 36.500 (50g).

me and Jesslyn

group photo (courtesy of Lyne)

What did I bring home?

cute bracelet

Don't forget to visit POND'S here:
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