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Menard Indonesia 3 Steps 30 Days in 3 Products

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Hello, hello dearies! Around 2 weeks ago I attended a skin care class held by Menard Indonesia in Sogo Central Park Beauty Lounge along with other 5 beauty bloggers.

Are you already familiar with this brand? As for me, I am quite familiar with Menard as my mom used to use both skin care and makeup range back then. One of my college friend; Reni; her mom is also a big fan of Menard as well. Hihi. But I, myself, never tried any of the product until the skin care was being held.

So, let's find out what is exactly Menard!

So the purpose of this skin care class are to learn more about :
How to clean the skin with double cleansing
How to make your skin always in the best condition
How to use your skincare in the right way

As the theme said, all those purpose will be fulfilled by using 3 Menard products which are; Tsukika Cleansing, Tsukika Washing, and Beauness S.


What is TSUKIKA?

Keeping skin blooming. Skincare providing skin with freshness and a velvet feel TSUKIKA covers skin gently with a fresh, velvet-smooth feel and ensures skin is full of moisture and healthiness. 

Cleansing Makeup

my face, with (minimal) makeup
So, for demonstration, the model was Stella. Representative from Menard Indonesia was performing how to clean the makeup, using TSUKIKA Cleansing Cream.

First, take about the size of a cherry and a half and put onto your palm. Spread it over the entire face. After removing makeup, wash the cleansing cream out with warm water or water. Blend on your face until oily and transparent.

Why cleansing cream? Cleansing cream absorbed smoothly into the skin as if it melts, and providing skin with moisture instead of rip it off. It also removes make up and oily impurities. Dirt left in the pores can be removed thoroughly.

Japanese skin care focuses on double cleansing; a skin care method where you cleanse your face twice using two different cleansing products (usually cleansing oil, then continued with facial wash). This is very important to achieve crystal clear skin with make up fully removed. 

 Creating Foam Ball

Nah, another new knowledge regarding skin care from Japan is that Japanese wash their face not using their fingers, but foam. Whoa, this is new for me. So, instead of using finger touching and rubbing skin in order to cleanse it, Japanese rely on fluffy foam ball in washing their face.

I used TSUKIKA Washing Cream to create the foam ball. It takes only about the size of two soy beans (about 1.5 g). To create the foam, put the product on the palm, then make a foam or whisk it with water (I use Menard's net to help). After having a tennis ball size foam ball, wash face like massaging (but be careful not to touch your skin directly), and thoroughly wash off the washing cream.

Why foam ball?
Because creamy foam cleans skin while proving moisture as well. The foam can reach to our pores while our hands and fingers can't.

Playing with foam ball with Ai Ni. ^_^ She's so kind and elegant.

And here's my face after double cleansing!

Nah, last step is to use lotion the right way. As I explained before, lotion is similar to toner. Japanese call toner as lotion.

Using Lotion the Right Way

 I used Beauness S for lotion. We just need to pour the lotion a size of Rp 100,- coin and dab it slowly to the whole face until we feel coolness on our skin. This is a sign that the lotion has been absorbed by our skin. What's the highlight of Beauness S? It prevents most hated skin problem; ACNE. *cheered up*

It also arranges the condition of the skin, preventing rough skin surface, hydrates the skin, and prevents hot flashes after burning sunburn.

This is me after using all those 3 products from Menard Indonesia! 

Next agenda was the make up class presented by Cininta Setyami. All products used were from Menard Indonesia as well. I remember when my mom insisted to choose Menard make up base hahaha. Yes, my mom is a big fan of Menard, too bad it's not available in my hometown.

She put on the make up demo for Stella then allowed us to create our own look using Menard's products. I like her, she's so beautiful yet so helpful and friendly at the same time. ^_^

She gave us a lot of beauty and make up tips. Like in this picture, she suggests us to 'warm' our eyelash curler with hairdryer before use for more dramatic eyelash!

And yes, it works! ^_^

 I love all the Menard's make up product. The result was fresh and nice with sheer lookinng make up, very suitable for day-to-day look!

TADAAA!! This is my final look all using Menard's skin care and make up products.

Camwhoring moments warning:

with very beautiful and kind Ai Ni ^_^

with other beauty bloggers who attended the class as well ^_^

with Menard Indonesia team and Cinintya Setyami
 And it was continued with dinner!

The food was really nice, I also love the place. And there was a small surprise from Menard Indonesia team for Stella since she had her birthday few days prior to this event! Happy Birthday!

my face was........ too happy -_-

And, since I already used 3 products; TSUKIKA Cleansing Cream, TSUKIKA Washing Cream, and BEAUNESS S for two weeks now, I'd like to share to you my skin condition now.

I'll tell you, I didn't realize that the difference is this significant until I look at this below picture of before-after using Menard products! Both pictures are NO MAKE UP FACE. I don't even use moisturizer or BB Cream when taking both pictures.

As you can see I have A LOT of improvement on my face! I used to have a lot of acne on my forehead two weeks ago, and it's gone now! Also, it improves my skin tone as you see that my skin becomes even with only few discoloration left. ^_^

And I proudly claim that I use no photo editing software (Photoshop, etc.) and those are my real, bare face look.

Wait for my upcoming post after a month of usage!

Don't forget to drop by Menard Indonesia facebook page to vote for me and you can win a chance to get:
TSUKIKA Travel Kit and BEAUNESS Mask Sheet for 3 lucky likers!


If you're interested in Menard, you can visit the counters below!

Till then, bye! And don't forget to vote!

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  1. god!! Tia langsung berubah banget kinclong and mulus abis booo >.<
    I'll vote you pasti!!!!!

  2. whoooaa! Its really works! O_O
    your face looks brighter and the acne gone away. Is Menard product good for combination skin type?

  3. menard emang bagus sesuai sama harganya, but it's a very good investment :)


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