Minggu, 15 September 2013

Updates about Me

Finally I'm lying on my bed right now, typing on this world of mine. So, what's happening in my life now?

First thing first, I'm officially working now. I am so grateful to finally found a job, hehe, at least I won't have to be fully-dependent to my parents anymore. Just so you know, my job description is closely related to my beauty blogging world, so it's indeed very exciting for me!

Second, I am working in a full English atmosphere, since I have to work with Japanese (whom, thank God is very fluent in English), I can improve my English proficiency, especially in speaking. After all, this blog is also one of my efforts to improve my English, written. Just so you know, I am very fond of foreign language, and this interest also has something to do with my own brain. I took a psychological test when I was in my senior year of high school and it turns out that I scored perfect in verbal skill. Hihi, that also encourages me to learn other language, grammatically correct. Let's learn other language(s)! Any recommendation, darlings?

Third, I was always bad in time management, and now that I have to perform multi tasks, I find it harder to fix my time management. Ugh... I really have to work hard to work on my schedule........... I want to save more for the future, which closely related to the fourth point about me.

Fourth, I am also a person with high money anxiety level. I knew this because I also took a small test during my college time in Organizational Behavior class. I scored the highest one at that time. T____T Indeed, I am really, really care about money that much. No, it's not materialism nor I'm a gold-digger. In fact, it's more about feeling anxious about the state of my own wellness measured by money. For example, I always think that I have LESS, though actually I have ENOUGH, or sometimes, MORE. I always feel that I should save more, that I should be so hard on myself in terms of money. Now that I have to finance myself, that disorder get worse I guess. I know this characteristic has two sides; good and bad. Good thing is that I can save more money for the future and also live in a very simple life. But the bad thing is, this is actually killing me. Being always anxious and terrified is not good at all. Everytime I purchased anything, I will always ended up feeling guilty though I don't spend that much (by that much I mean not more than $10, for real!).

Well, I think that's enough for my ramblings. Writing my own problems really helps since lately (and honestly), I don't have anyone to talk to. I mean, like real friends. After the college graduation, all my friends are all gone, whether to continue their study or work just like me. School friends? Well, I grew up in Palembang, not Jakarta, so.. Skip them. Thankfully, I found some new friends; beauty bloggers! Though we don't meet like, everyday, almost every weekend (or even sometimes weekdays) I will meet them and taaaaaaaaaalk (actually it's more suitable to be called as gossiping) a lot. I'm just feeling so lucky to have a chance to join Indonesian Beauty Blogger community ^_^

Talking about beauty blogging blogsphere, I also want to share with you my experience of attending a small event held by Estee Lauder Indonesia which had Joyce Lee; their international Make Up Artist from Malaysia to come here in Jakarta. Well, let's see how it was!


Erfan; Estee Lauder Indonesia and MC
It's all started with cleansing using some kind of cleansing milk then continued with toner. After following some classes and workshops, I learn that the best way to use toner is with cotton, hehe. And don't forget to dab it first so that the formula will enter your skin and work for a while, then swipe!
cleansing and application of skin care
After that, she explained how to choose the right foundation shade using Estee Lauder technique (shown in the picture below).
how to find the right foundation
The look that day was smokey look. I like how Joyce gave us A LOT of makeup tricks, like how to create a 5-minute smokey eyes using only eyeliner and concealer and many more.


with Joyce Lee

smokey look
After the event's over, I went to a restaurant to have early supper with other fellow bloggers then headed to Japan Jak Matsuri in Monas with Vellisa and Nadya. The festival was so-so. Though the crowd control was so much better than Ennichisai that I attended previously. I rarely attend festival, especially Japanese ones, LOL.

Nadya and Vellisa
I just took some silly pictures at Japan Airlines' booth with Nadya. The concept is to have the illusion of flying on clouds in the sky hahaha.

flying effect - Nadya

silly flying pose 

the crowd
After walking around for a little while, we stopped at some food stalls and sit around on the bush. We had this kakigori a.k.a. snow ice.
Till then, bye bye! Hope I can post more about my personal life and everything aside from beauty so that you won't be bored!

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