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10 Things You Need To Survive School

I remember my adolescent years back then. When life was so much fun, but most of the time I was nervous.

Well, you know, when the acne comes, my self esteem drops to the lowest point. High school was when you experienced your first crush right? How does it feel to appear in front of your loved ones with pimples on your face?


Well, if only I have this magic blue pouch from POND'S at that time... I wouldn't be that miserable. :p

POND'S gave me a magic pouch from Maudy with 10 things that I need to survive in school inside, wanna take a peek?

The first thing that you need, well, of course, A NOTE! Along with stationery like pen and pencil ^_^

With these things, you can jot down important things, subjects, lessons, even have a secret chat with your classmates! Yay, nice!

The next thing is a fan! Haha, girls hate sweating, we brought fan everywhere to make sure we won't sweat! Sweat+germs= acne. And it's a big no no! Never thought that this thing will be so beneficial!

POND'S also include a sugar-free pepper mint. LOL LOL, of course fresh breath is an important thing that you need! It boost up your confidence, besides, who wants to hang out with bad-breath girl?

And don't forget the handy mirror! So that I can always check myself out in the mirror hihi.

But wait....... I found 4 most important things for me to survive in school! And what are them?


They are POND'S Complete Solution!


POND'S Acne Clear White Facial Cleanser
Every morning and night, before starting and after ending my daily activities, I cleanse my face with this cleanser. This cleanser is so special, do you know why? Because it combines foam and scrub, which means it is more effective than other cleanser in terms of cleansing your whole skin.


POND's Pimple Cover & Care Concealer Pen
Well the acne won't be gone in a night, that's why you need to care while covering up your acne and blemishes with this concealer pen. The packaging comes in a very handy pen stick, I can take it anywhere and it doesnt even fill up my bag space! I put this concealer on the affected areas then blend it well.

POND'S Oil Control Cleansing Wipes

Nah, it's break time, and you find your face getting oily... But, err...Will it be too much if you have to wash your face now? Well, this Oil Control Cleansing Wipes solves my lazy-girl problem! Hihi. This is my favorite! I can take this wherever I go and I can immediately get rid of the excess oil while refreshing my face with the cooling sensation. :3


POND'S Overnight Pimple Care Gel

Last, but not least, it is indeed the most important thing. Yes, after cleansing my face after long day of activities, I apply this Overnight Pimple Care Gel to the acne and blemishes. This is really nice, the cooling sensation is fun! Well, this gel works while you're sleeping. It contains Salicylic Acid which will reduce the redness, inflammation, and helps to dry the acne! In the morning when you wake up, everything will get better!

I've been using this for almost a month, and it does the work of brightened up my complexion, along with fighting acne and blemishes, my acne gets better day by day ^_^

This is my video using all if those range, please mind the quality though (I used smartphone).

In the end, I got this report card (actually it's the invitation) after using all these 10 things that I need to survive school and my scores are all straight As!

LOLOLOL. Thanks POND'S Complete Solution!

You can find POND'S Complete Solution products in the minimarket, supermarket, and drug stores nearby your place by now. Wants to know the price? Each product costs between Rp 12.900-Rp 27.900. Wow, very affordable!

3 komentar:

  1. Penasaran pengen coba concealer nya...
    Btw, Cute note book tiaaaa!!!! ^_^

  2. this is good, ti. numpang lewat, taunya dpt yg gue cr hihi ;)

  3. this is good, ti. numpang lewat, taunya dpt yg gue cr hihi ;)


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