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Hola beauties! Have you ever heard of MAKEOVER? Instead of its sleek, black packaging, it's actually an Indonesian, local product! Wow. Actually, at first I thought that this is imported. Well done, MAKEOVER, your packaging win our mind. :)

So in this post, I'm going to review its eye products; Powder Eye Shadow, Eye Liner Pencil, and Eye Brow Pencil.

Let's review Powder Eye Shadow first!

What I've got is in Bronze Fuzz. It's shade of gold. I was glad to know that the shade isn't too bright or dark.

And of course, since it's Powder Eye Shadow, the texture is powdery. So, be careful once you open the lid, because you might spill the eye shadow and create such a fuss. Well, no one wants that, right?

How about test it on my skin?

So, I am really impressed with how pigmented this eye shadow is. Yes. Like very very pigmented. It's real hahaha. But the application might be a little bit tricky, I prefer to dab it slowly, so surely this Powder Eye Shadow is not for tose of you who are on the go. Dab, dab, dab. Blend, blend, blend! I love to wear this for special occassion only, as for daily makeup it's definitely too much, baby.

Next are Eye Liner Pencils. I got the pencil in Glam Gold and Black Jack. MAKEOVER rep told me that Glam Gold is the newbie. Whoa, it's glamourous, a golden eye liner? Yay!

So talking about the packaging, it's just an ordinary eye liner packaging. It's a pencil with transparent plastic cap. For the pencil, it's actually wax in texture thoughit comes in pencil (or you can say crayon?)

About the color payoff, out of 10, I will without doubt, give away 10! Well, the color payoff for both shades are extremely great! Not only me, but my friends also asking which brand that I use because it's vivid in color.

The only not-so-good thing about this Eye Liner is the texture I suppose. It's too soft and fragile. I have to re-sharpen again and again because it keeps being broken. 

from left to right: Black Jack, Glam Gold, Brown to Earth
Move on to the last pencil; Eye Brow Pencil in Brown To Earth. Nah, nah, nah, this is my HOLY GRAIL Eye Brow Pencil! Why? Because it is sooooo good. I tell you this works even better than any other eye brow pencil, eye brow powder I've ever tried. Besides, the price is also very competitive, why spend more than 5 bucks when you can get better result with less? ;)

So it has ordinary texture of any other eye brow pencil. The difference comes from the color payoff. This eye brow pencil is brown in shade. So, usually, any other brown color eye brow pencil has a hint of reddish color in its brown, which is... bad (at least for me). With that reddish hint, it makes the whole makeup look looks unnatural. And this Eye Brow Pencil from MAKEOVER has no hint of red! Looks like my natural brown eye brow (since I have black eye brow naturally). It mixes beautifully with my dyed hair ^^

Here's the comparison of all eye products from MAKEOVER.

And last product is the pencil sharpener! Well, I was wondering why I couldn't sharpen it properly using my another pencil sharpener... Then I asked the person from MAKEOVER and she said that I better use MAKEOVER pencil sharpener. I follow her suggestion and it works wonder! So, make sure to have its pencil sharpener with you when you decide to have MAKEOVER pencil products (whether it's eye pencil, eye brow pencil, or lip pencil).

Overall, I am really satisfied with whole Eye Makeup products from MAKEOVER sent to me. Let's sum them all!

Powder Eye Shadow
Good: Great color payoff
Not-So-Good: Not for on-the-go

Eye Liner Pencil
Good: Great color payoff
Not-So-Good: texture is too soft

Eye Brow Pencil
Good: Perfect eye brow pencil for me, has no hint of red
Not-So-Good: NOTHING!

Till next post, bye!
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  1. aku juga suka sama pensil alisnya kak, dan katanya eyeliner pencilnya termasuk best seller.
    suka sama packaging dan logonya make over ^^

    1. iyaaaa, *tos*
      huwooo iyaaa, baguus cuma terlalu lunak aja menurut aku, kereng abissss


  2. Aku baru tau ada merek ini loh @_@

    1. hihihi, bagus lho ^^
      buat ukuran local Indonesian brand ini oke bangettss

  3. Tahan berapa lama kak awetnya si eyeliner black jack? Gak smudge dkk kan ya? Pengen beli tapi masih raguuu huhu


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