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Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush


Hello! I've got a package from WISHtrend around 2 weeks ago! Yay! I know it's my Tosowoong Detail Clean Pore Brush
I've been waiting for this item anyway, so let's review it!

First, let's talk about the packaging! So the brush comes with a very simple, clean looking box with blue and white color. 

Inside, there's the brush! (of course, LOL)

The brush is neatly wrapped with plastic and the design is also very simple. White with only blue colored Tosowoong logo. Ah! It also comes with a small rope to hang it up after usage.

The size of this product is just right! Fit perfectly on my palm of hand.

Let's take a look at the box.

Unfortunately, all the writing are all in Hangeul (Korean), which make me confuse. o_O

The only alphabetical is the Tosowoong's website, HAHAHA.
Can somebody translate it for me? (lazy cat)

So, I've been using it every day, twice a day, for these past two weeks.


left side
My left side is just fine. Just a few spots and blemishes.

right side
My left side is.... Uhm.. I hate this side. More blemishes, more spots, and got few big pimples. Pores are bigger than the right side too. T_T
My nose! Typical Asian nose (pug nose) hahahaha. I've been struggling with the blackhead since I was still in junior high. But it gets better after I take a good care of my skin, but still.... T_T


So, the brush is really, really soft and fluffy..! At first, I was a bit hesitant because I'm afraid that this brush might irritate my skin, but it's noooot!

So fluffy, I'm gonna die (Agnes line) :p

Anyway, I use this with Cow Brand Skin Life facial wash.

How to use it? I put the facial wash on the palm of my hand, then wet it. After that, I directly put the brush on the foam and start to move in circular movement to create bubbles.

Then, on my wet face, I use this brush in circular, soft movement to clean my face. Please don't forget not to push it too hard! 


As you can see, the blemishes are reduced and my pores are slightly shrink ^_^

left side

For those blackheads, I can say that they are improving. But yes, no significant result. But to be honest, I'm so happy that my pores shrink!! Not to forget the blemishes and acne spots are reduced too.

I just need to keep using this I guess :p

*Shoo blackheads!*

Anyway, if you're amazed and interested in buying this amazing, fluffy brush, you can purchase it at WISHtrend!

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  1. Tiaaa.... brush ini bikin aku keracunan! Jadi sedih mikirin nasib brush TBS aku yang zonk itu... tapi harganya lumayaan yaaa, bisa beli dua brush tbs. hehehe. Aku ngumpulin duit dulu deh...



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