Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WRP Blogger Weight Loss Challenge: The Beginning

Photo by: WRP

Hello all, on February 8, me and other 4 beauty bloggers are chosen to join a challenge by WRP. Wow! So, since beauty is not only about face, but also how you take care of your body as well, I think we need to cover the topic; DIET.

I've always been lazy person. I hate exercise. And on the other hand, I just love to eat.

But lately, I recognized that I gain weight... First it's my tummy, then, others bloated as well. Life sucks, I guess.

Besides the trouble which cause me to become less confident, hard to find clothing size, etc. I am also concern about health issues here. Overweight can lead to so many health problems, and I've seen a lot of people surround me experience it because they don't eat properly, they eat unhealthy food everyday, they never exercise. I don't want to end up like that, so I'm awaken.

And the offer from WRP is just too nice to be ignored. I am in for the Blogger Weight Loss Challenge where WRP cooperate with Indonesian Beauty Blogger community.

We were invited for the first briefing, which includes Body Composition checking, Healthy Lifestyle Mini Talk, Nutrifood Office Tour, Photo Session, and WRP Diet Centre Open House. 

First of all, we had to check each body composition. It's cool!

Thea wiping her hands before checking her body composition (courtesy of WRP)
So with this InBody machine, we will be able to know our body composition, including percentage of fat, protein, carbs. Also we will got the result of percentage of those things on our body parts, e.g. I have 13% fat excess on my left arm, etc. And of course, our current weight, including how many kgs we should lose in order to achieve ideal weight.
Want to know mine? I actually should lose around 10 kg! LoL, no wonder. So my thoughts were not wrong, I really need to lose weight. But of course, I'm not gonna lose those in a month. It's not healthy..

Then, we proceed with the Nutrifood Office Tour! The building is very very nice. All the meeting rooms are like this.
cozy atmosphere, not terrifying and boring, eh?
Besides, this building also has music room, gym, and its own healthy canteen!

Photo taken from: Neni Diyanti
Talking about the working atmosphere, I guess it's great! How they design the interior is really motivative. Look at this working corner. The other one even has a little fountain with fish in the middle of the room. It's like a dream office, eh?

Photo taken from: Neni Diyanti

Miss Astri; nutritionist at Nutrifood
After the tour, we had a mini talk session with Miss Astri; a nutritionist. 

Photo by: WRP
But first, there was an opening words by WRP representative; beautiful Annice! I envy her slender figure, her face is also very very beautiful and flawless *_* I started to doubt myself as beauty blogger, as she seemed to be have more flawless skin...

beautiful Annice!
So we talk about healthy lifestyle, including healthy food and how to stay in shape. The most interesting part was where she shared about how to spot a fad diet. I bet most of the women in the world went through diet, at least once in their life. We never get enough, right? And fad diet is just dangerous, it will cause long-term risk... Of course I wouldn't want to risk my health over some short-term dream body. One of those, ehm, of course the currently trending diet by Indonesian mentalist named Dedy Corbuzier; OCD (Obsessive Corbuzier's Diet). You can read more about the controversial diet here, if you're not familiar with.

Photo by: WRP

And we're accompanied by the healthy snack by WRP; hot tea with low calorie sweetener and WRP cookies!

Then, we were having a photoshoot for 'Before' challenge! Lalala.

Photo by: WRP

Photo by: WRP
We also had one-on-one video recording, and group photo and video. LOL feel like a superstar for a day! Thanks WRP! After finished with activities in Nutrifood office, we moved to next agenda; WRP Diet Center Open House in Mall Kelapa Gading.

Photo by: WRP

Photo by: WRP
Practically, WRP Diet Center provides both product and service in order to help us achieve healthier and ideal body. They got so many low calorie food, from nutritious drink to snack like cookies and even instant noodle. Besides, they also provide consultation with certified nutritionist including body composition check. 

The latest one is, they provide FDA approved treatment so that we can also have treatment with sophisticated machine like Celluactive, Derma Sculpting, Derma Smoothing, etc. And they have Money Back Guarantee! 
consultation room with doctor

body composition checker

nice decoration in the waiting room for treatment

feels like those socialites, having soiree (LoL)
After that, they also show us the treatment room including the machine.

Photo by: WRP

Photo by: WRP
Some of us even offered a mini hydro facial; WRP's latest treatment which guarantees no pain in its facial treatment. I tried it and it removes my blackheads without even a single pain!

Photo by: WRP

And that's it! All of us were given FREE products to be consumed during a month so that we can lose weight. All products supported by WRP, thank you so much!
I was surprised!
I'll update my weight loss challenge progress weekly on this blog, but if you're curious, I update it daily on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram or check #BloggerWeightlossChallenge. Check em out, girls!

For more diet and exercise tips, you can also check WRP official website: HERE

P.S. In order to boost our motivation, WRP will provide us free dress for AFTER photoshoot one size smaller! Challenge accepted!


  1. Thank you Tia, love it! ;) Keep the spirit, because every day, in every way, WRP believes that you're getting better and better. Sure you can do!


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