Rabu, 19 Februari 2014

MAKEOVER Beauty Bloggers Gathering

Around 2 weeks ago, I attended an Exclusive Beauty Blogger Gathering held by MAKEOVER cosmetics. They have Lizzie Parra aka kak Icil to teach us about proper daily makeup step by step!

kak Icil

First thing first, of course, cleansing. MAKEOVER, though focuses more on makeup, also have some quasi skin care product like makeup remover and serum.

And here's my bare face, LOL.

So after cleansing, kak Icil said that we should always sanitize our hand! After that we were suggested to apply the serum before makeup base.

Then, followed by makeup base. MAKEOVER has many shades for makeup base; some are green (for redness) and purple (for dull, yellowish skin).

After makeup base, the real fun began. Kak Icil told us how to choose the best foundation shade. So it turns out that we can choose 3 closest shade to our skin, then put it on our jawline. If there's none, we can mix 'em to get best result.

rebutaaan! xD
After foundation, then loose powder and continued with eyeshadow. I learn more about how to blend the eyeshadow (because I suck at it!). Then, some of us, including me, also get our eyebrow trimmed by MAKEOVER staffs. Happy! :D
After eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara, eyebrow came as the second fun moment. Eyebrow drawing is tricky, and I consider it as the most important part in my face, because it frames my whole look!

Also learned about contouring and highlighting (I was the model since I have wiiiiiide cheek, haha).
And here's the final result!

lipstick: Ultra Shine Lipstick no. 11 Peach Vaganza

the staff also kindly help me put the fake eyelashes since I am such a fool on it

After that, we can choose any MAKEOVER products within Rp 300.000! Wow, so generous and such a great idea to let each of us choose! :D

And I came across another lipstick, and my whole look changed!

lipstick: Ultra Shine Lipstick no. 05 Tahitian Red
Ended up taking both shades of Ultra Shine Lipstick that day~

Then of course, group picture!

And picture with kak Icil aka Lizzie Parra, the savior of the day!

Thank you MAKEOVER Indonesia for such a great chance to experience your great products. You girls can also try, this is one of the best makeup I've ever came across. Moreover, it's LOCAL INDONESIAN BRAND! The quality is so goood.

You can visit their counter in fX Sudirman, Kota Kasablanka, Central Park and many more.

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