Kamis, 07 Januari 2010

Boots Invasion

While browsing at ModCloth, I found two pairs of boots which are very eye-catchy. Looks like Doctor Marten's one, but with patterns. Flowery pattern, exactly. They are Jeffrey Campbell's, anyway.

Modcloth Review on Glam Grunge Boots:
"Break standard fashion formation in these chic combat-esque boots. These incredible Jeffrey Campbell boots are designed with glimmer of grunge, thanks to their amazing almond toe, fringed tassel beneath the black laces, and flat heel, yet they also feature an unexpected touch of glamor with their distressed black, tulip-bedecked leather in shades of green, pink, red, blue, yellow, and orange. You're sure to make a stylish statement in these bold boots, dark tights, a simple frock, oversized cardi, and buckled belt for a tough and trendy look."

The other one is named Dearly Beloved Boots (yeah, I admit that this boots is really lovely and lovable)

I will be eternally, fashionably faithful to these cutely crinkled, lightly distressed boots, and vow to pair their deep brown, wood-look, low heels with dark tights, a simple frock, and slouchy, sweater vest cardigan, and also with tucked in skinnies, or cuffed boyfriend jeans, and sleek tees. But, I shall also allow them their own style autonomy (because relationships need room to breathe), giving them the reigns to guide me to an exquisite ensemble. I will give them a comfortable closet to rest in, and a gentle cleaning when they need it. And now, beautifully bold, gorgeously on-trend, grunge-inspired boots, with this pending debit card transaction, I thee wed.

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