Kamis, 03 November 2011

When I'm Home..

So, during July-September 2011, I spend my time in my hometown; Palembang. It's not a pure holiday, though. I was doing my internship there in one of the companies there. Kill two birds with one stone, eh? :D

Anyway, It was so tiring doing the internship since I was replacing the permanent staff who was leaving during my period of internship. A lot of filings, writing, and fax-ing. I think I can open my own photocopy store, thanks to those works. ;)

Though I was so busy with my internship, as usual, I will never forget to take some fashion shots in Palembang whenever I'm home. Here is some of them, taken by my friend and of course it was taken in my home's backyard :D

Some of my friends said my expression look authentic and this pic reminds them of their mommas -_- (look vintage, eh?)

jacket: synthetic leather jacket (2008's birthday gift), top: polkadot tanktop ($0.3 from Pasar Senen), bottom: assymetrical skirt ($8 from my friend's sale), shoes: Studio Nine (vintage), bag: classical Louis Vuitton drawstring ($3 from thrift market)

 top: vintage shirt ($1.5 from Pasar Senen), bottom: shocking pink mini skirt ($4.5)

shirt: DIY, shirt from Topshop (Free from a DIY contest from girls magazine)

Somethings are different in this photoshoots. I was trying something new, like serious face mimic and trying to look (oh no) sexy. Hahahaha, please don't puke after looking at above pictures. I'm just an amateur. By the way, white shirt wore by me on the last pic is my own DIY shirt (it's Topshop anyway), I put some spikes and chains, and cut off some parts of it, and VOILA..! Hope you like it, I'll post the tutorial, maybe... Sometime :D

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