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Amateur Make Up Project: Ira

Finally I have something worth posting (at least for me). Nowadays, I'm starting to be addicted to make up. Since I'm a very frugal person, it is a big shock for every one, including myself that I'm starting to spend my money on make up things. But, I'm not that easy on money, I just found a cheap stall in the traditional market during the weekend near my rent room. At first, I thought that the product are the expired product or worse, fake. But it turns out that all the products sold there are 'last season' products. They're brand new, untouched, still safely sealed. The madam is also willing to open one of the product as tester. Now, I'm a loyal customer there. :) But, I have to keep the price secret.

Right now, I'm blogging from my hometown; Palembang. Yes, I'm spending so time in my hometown before returning to the hell; Jakarta. I'm using my allowable leave in my campus. As usual, whenever I'm in my hometown, I always meet my friends here. This time, I will introduce you to my longest best friend; Ira. We've been friends since we're in elementary school. She's tiny, like a dwarf, hahaha.

So, why I decided to put some make up and teach her a lil bit about that? It's because she has a dull skin as a result of traveling back and forth for her study. She's exposed to sun light and dust very much. So, I already told her a few tips and trick for overcoming the acne and dullness of her skin. Nah, we're both 22 this year, and I think it's time for her to grow up (for real!), so I want her to know how to put on daily make up. So here it is!

Hi, I'm Ira!

 I'm Ready!

So here are some of the products that I'm using, but I will tell you just a few which I use on Ira. :) CMIIW please.

After washing her face with facial wash, I put this toner on her face before putting any make up.

 Base, Foundation, BB Cream, Bronzer, etc. (from left to right):
  • Kryolan Supracolor Foundation
  • Missha BB Cream
  • Oriflame Make Up Base
  • Etude Make Up Mat Finishing Base
  • Etude Face Cover
  • Giordani Bronzer
  • Etude Precious Mineral BB Cream
  • Etude Loose Powder
For daily use, I prefer using BB Cream. Missha is my Mom's, given by my friend; Nana. Mine is Etude's. I love how Etude cover up my skin for almost all day long, leaving my face almost flawless, and besides, the application of the cream doesn't need a lot of it! Just a little and it already cover up a lot. 
Currently, I'm using two face base, both are from Etude. One is Mat Finishing Base, this was a mistake actually. At that time I'm still new to make up-thingy, so I just bought the green one. But it appeared that whenever I use it, people will ask me whether I'm sick since my face became so pale. Hehehe, so for most of tropical skin like Indonesian, even when you have a fair skin, it's better to choose purple than green. It turns out that green is for reddish face while purple is for ivory. Another one, is my current favorite: Etude Pore Erasing Peach Face Base. I forget to take a pic of it. You can google it, and as far as I know, most people are satisfy with it. I will later post my review about it ;)

Eyes (from left to right)
  • Niche 3-in-1: Eyeshadow, Lip Gloss, Eye Primer
  • Etude Eye Shadow (I forget the series)
  • Hanbul Eye Shadow (It's ooold..! But still good)
  • Viva Eyeshadow Duo (freebies)
From these all, I love Viva Eyeshadow Duo the most! Though it's been known as cheap make up, but the quality and the color result are good and satisfying. So, don't bother to buy cheap product and swayed by expensive ones.

Lips (from left to right):
  • Ultima II
  • Etude
  • Fanbo
  • Revlon
  • Oriflame
  • Christian Dior
  • Etude's Lip Gloss
Out of these lipstick, my all-time favorite is Ultima II, it was taken from my Mom's, and I just love the color and the long-lasting color! It's raspberry, if I'm not mistaken (sorry, but I'm too lazy to look at it because I'm typing far from it). 

For you, who is brave enough, you can try Christian Dior, my Mom bought the classic red color lipstick. The texture and color are just in right amount. It's not too bright, yet not too dark. :)

Nah, for you who wants to try cheap product, you can try buying Fanbo. I was swayed by the talk in Fashionese Daily about Cheap but Good Products (CMIIW), and many people recommend Fanbo. So I just went to the nearest beauty store in my hometown and grab the lipstick only for Rp 10.150,-! And the color is sweet, it's worth buying! (attention: for you who has sensitive or allergic lip, it's better not to buy this since I've read a few people are having trouble with itchiness after using it).


Blush (from left to right):
  • Etude 
  • Hanbul
I always love Etude since it gives me 'cute' radiance because of it's pinkish color, while Hanbul is really good for shading and contouring. :)


Here is what I've done to her:
  1. I put the toner to her face.
  2. I choose Giordani Make Up Base for her since it's similar to her face tone.
  3. I start to put on some of the foundation from Kryolan (just a little because it's a heavy one)
  4. Then since it's too oily, I break up for a while, then put the loose face powder.
  5. For the eyes, I put on the eye primer from Niche, the dark one, since I will put on dark eye shadows.
  6. Then I start to stroke some dark brown shadow from Viva and blend it with the ivory shadow (also from Viva.
  7. I put white glittery shadow on her crease.
  8. I also try to groom her eyebrow without sahving or plucking them, I brush it first with Etude 2-in-1 Brow Definer and put Oriflame Eyebrow Pencil (Dark Brown), just to fill the gap within her eyebrow (go for natural for daily look).
  9. Since her eyes are big and a look 'sleepy', I decided to put eyeliner only on the edge of her eyes to make it brighter (I used Revlon Crayon Eyeliner).
  10. Then I put on some blush from Hanbul on her cheek and bronzer to contour and shade her complexion. I also highlight her face with white glittery eyeshadow  (I don't have highlighter).
  11. Last, I use Ultima II lipstick softly to create a natural lip look.

If you look at the picture, it may appear the same with before-make up, hehe. It's not a mistake anyway, as I said earlier, I want to create daily look for her. Since we're still college student and she has to travel a long way almost everyday, I think it's best for her to keep her make up minimal. :)

Feel free to leave comment or correct me if I'm wrong.

*pictures are taken from womenzmag and my own personal pictures*

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  1. God, I dont know if she was serious to post my bad pictures. I wish you edited it first, feel so shame, aaaaargh (>.<).

    But, I wanna thank to you for the quick lesson of make up, now (at least) I know how to look prettier when I have date with my boy, hahahaha.

    I love Missha BB Cream, must have item.

  2. bahkan yg kronis pun bisa tampak sedikit menarik dengan make-up ya. hahahahaha.. congrats, great work.... bener kata orang. make-up is magic.


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