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Experiencing Korean Spa at Mint Spa

Anyone here who is a fan of Korea? K-Pop maybe? Well, as we all know, the K-Pop invasion these last few years made us go crazy about it. From music and entertainment to gadget, and even to beauty things! Bet most of you are already familiar with Korean beauty products, either make up or skin care. But, have you ever heard about Korean spa here in Jakarta?

Well, for me, it's my first time!

So, the opportunity came by a month ago, I was invited to experience the Korean spa by Mint Spa located in Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim, Central Jakarta. I walked a few minutes from the Transjakarta Sarinah shelter, btw.

So, the highlight is the Korean spa package or in Indonesia; Lulur Korea.

First, I entered the spa space where the washstands and lockers are. Changing clothes and keep all your belongings in the locker!

Mint Spa Korean Spa treatments are specially presented for only women. The experience begins with the detoxification of our skin. 

I entered the sauna room for around 15 minutes (but the therapist said it's even better if we stay longer like 30 minutes). This sauna serve as a trigger to open our skin pores. Actually, it's my first time entering sauna. It was nice, though. Kinda like it :p

After sauna, then we enter the room for scrub and wet, wet, wet. Haha.

The process originally named Sheshin; a process where we will be scrubbed by a special scrub mitten, to rub off those dead skin cells. I had A LOT of dead skin cell, like A LOT. Yes, it has been ages since the last time I went to professional spa (and no sauna, no scrubbing on my front part). A bit embarassed, but hey, that's the whole point of going to spa, right? *Self-defense*

After around 15-20 minutes of scrubbing, then the masseuse will pour down the warm water to rinse all the dead cells. Then, next step is the body lotion scrub to replenish the skin with nutrients. And then followed by a massage to regenerate collagen production. Then the masseuse will alsopour the fresh milk to end the treatment. LOL, smells so good I want to take a sip. *o*

And if you'd like a hair wash, you can ask the masseuse to do so, haha, my first time getting my hair washed while lying down on the bed!

Then done!

And they also have salon in the same floor, located side by side with the spa. While spa is strictly for ladies only, the salon is open for both male and female.

My verdict?

Despite the awkward first few minutes of bare naked in front of stranger, I definitely love the experience! The masseuse is also friendly and nice, we chatted a lot. And after the treatment, I feel that my body is a lot of cleaner, brighter, and softer. :)

So, I think I'll definitely come back for regular spa here!

Would you like to try? ;)

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