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Shu Uemura X Mika Ninagawa Just Arrived in Indonesia!!!

Mika for Shu 2014 Spring Collection 

This Spring, Shu Uemura collaborates once again with renowned photographer Mika Ninagawa, for a collection filled with color and fairy tale adventure.

Shu Uemura Seibu Grand Indonesia Counter Reopening

I already noticed this collection since last month. And now, yes, finally it is available in Indonesia! :)

So yesterday, I was invited to Seibu Grand Indonesia Shu Uemura Counter Reopening along with 5 other beauty bloggers.

Cute Mika for Shu collection

Tint in Gelato
The event started with the nice and fresh MC; Luna. I love her make up that day, anyway. Pinky and fresh! And followed by word by Shu Uemura Indonesia's Product Manager; Dea.

Luna the MC

Dea; Shu Uemura Indonesia Product Manager
After the opening, then the event continued with the amazing and passionate kimono dance performance. Quite attractive and I was like "wow.." because the dancers did some somersaults. o_0

the kimono dance performance
After the dance, then it's time for make up demo! So the make up demo was guided by the training manager.

The Make Up Demo by Shu Uemura Indonesia Beauty Stylists

There are two different looks for this collection; Sweet Candy & Forbidden Fruit. Sweet Candy's concept is charming by using green and pink that represent flora and fauna. While Forbidden Fruit has more seductive concept inspired by vivid landscape and use blue to red as color highlights.

Charmingly Sweet Candy Look by Ella

Darkly Seductive Forbidden Fruit by Dwi

Which one do you prefer ladies? As for me, it's Forbidden Fruit. I love the red lips!

Tint in Gelato Product Swatch

Make up demo's done, now it's time for snack! Haha. We're escorted to Seibu beauty lounge for refreshment. There, I also took some swatch of Tint in Gelato!

(left-right): AT 01 - AT 02 - AT 03 - AT 04 - BG 01 - CR 01 - CR 02 - CR 03 - CR 04 - PK 01 - PK 02 - PK 03 

upper (left-right): AT 01 - AT 02 - AT 03 - AT 04 - BG 01 - CR 01
lower (left-right): CR 02 - CR 03 - CR 04 - PK 01 - PK 02 - PK 03
swatches on me

I personally love AT-01 and CR-04! Hehe, others are nice as well, but maybe doesn't go well with my skin tone. 

My first impression towards this lip product are:

  • It has matte finish
  • Glides easily and smoothly
  • Doesn't make your lips dry
  • The applicator is super and make everything easier
  • It can also be used as cream blush
And here are some other products in this Mika for Shu collection.

BB Base and POREraser 
Mika Eyeshadow Spiro Duo
upper: 1 - Beige/Brownlower: 2 - Orange/Purple 

Such a refreshment after a week of busy days, thanks Shu Uemura Indonesia and Dea for the invitation!

Anyway, I wear this black lacey legging that day~ Haha, my first time wearing this even though I already have this for such a long time (impulsive buying, lol).

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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