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Experiencing MENARD Facial Salon

Have you heard that now MENARD Indonesia is having its own facial salon? Wow, I've already experienced the miracle of using MENARD Tsukika products before.


I am actually still using MENARD Lisciare series, haven't update it here yet, wait for it! I just love it so much, the packaging has gone ugly hahaha.

Menard Facial Salon

Of course, you don't need to question the reputation of Menard, as we all know, Menard is one of cosmetic brands which has its own research institution, one of its study is stem cell.

Skin care used in Menard Facial Salon is also done based on scientific demonstration.

One unique point of Menard Facial Salon is the usage of Point Shiatsu Technique; a technique to improve blood circulation, muscle function, lymph nodes, and customers' beauty radiance.

In Japan, Menard Facial Salon has more than 2,300 branches and now it's finally opened in Indonesia.


Menard Facial Salon has 6 special mask package:

  • Colax Care Pack (PINK)

Enrich your skin to get that elastic, firm, and smooth skin with the help from Energy Up Collagen, Soluble Collagen, and Seaweed Extract.
  • Whitening Pack

    Prevent pigmentation and spot caused by UV light and restore the skin to original tone while moisturizing it thanks to Stable Vit. C dan Shirakami Yeast Extract.
  • Double Vita Pack

    With the help of Vitamin B2 and E, this pack will improve blood circulation and metabolism from the inside to brighten up the dull skin while also prevent aging.
  • Moist Pool Pack

    Take care of your dry and dehydrated skin with the active ingredients of Squalene, Trehalose, and Seawater Mineral.
  • Clean Pack

    Jakarta's customers' favorite! This pack contains medical charcoal, Sage Water, and Soapberry Extract to remove dirt and excess oil from pores and prevent the growth of bacteria. Final result will be instantly seen.
  • Beauness Pack

    Troubled skin and acne-prone people? Well, this pack is made just for you then. It will restore skin health, creating smoother skin. It contains Spa Essence, Beauness Essence, and Seaweed Extract.

My Experience at MENARD Facial Salon Central Park

I made the appointment at Menard Facial Salon in Central Park, Sogo Department Store a few months ago. The facial room is somehow a bit spacious (usually it's very small). It has 2 beds, so for those of you who want BFF pampering time or bonding time with your Mom/ sister, you can have it here!

And since I came alone, I'm sorry for lack of my own pictures :(

This is my before picture.

As you can see, I have several acne spots and actually (though it doesn't really show up on pictures) I have medium enlarged pores at that time.

this picture was taken by myself, HAHAHA
Actually, it starts with cleansing using cleansing cream, then basic skin care like toner. After that, the beauty therapist will apply the pack to your face.

I choose Beauness Pack because I fulfill these characteristics of Beauness Pack Target:

○Regular users of medicated Beauness series (checked!)
○People with beautiful but unstable skin that is prone to roughening and pimples (checked!)
○People who feel that they tend get rough skin and pimple from bodily and environmental changes (checked!)
○People who want to prevent rough skin and pimples (checked!)
○People who feel their skin is not a hundred percent (checked!

my literally face mask :D
There are no added fragrances, but it has a relaxing scent from its plant-derived ingredients; Chamomile Oil , Rosemary Oil.

And here's my after pack pictures.

with flash
no flash

As you can see, my face is smoother and cleaner (please mind my bedhead!), LOL. Beyond the visible result, I feel that my skin is soothed during and after the pack.

After that, I get my skin checked by Menard skin device at the counter.

The beauty advisor compared my face to my hand (to demonstrate skin before treatment), and the result is significantly different!

I even took several more picture because it's really nice (looking at my smoother skin).


Yes, I still need much improvement, but using MENARD products in my skin care regime really really helps!

More information about MENARD Facial Salon:

Thank you Menard Indonesia :)

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