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I'm always a big fan of lip products. Anything, you mention it. From lipstick, lipbalm, lip tint, lip stain, etc. Among my makeup stash, I have lip products the most. And yesss, I'll never get enough of them. Here's one of my latest lip collection: THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid.

The moisturizing lipquid provides 12-hour color to the lips with a 70% concentrated moisture base.

What I have is five shades; BE01 (Talk Beige), BR01 (Rose Marsala), OR01 (Orange Scene), RD01 (Apple Red), and RD02 (Red Sing).


12-Hour Moisturizing Serum Effect

The 70% moisture base keeps the lips moisturized for long hours.

12-Hours Color Stain

The concentrated color provides long-lasting rich color to the lips.

Let's see the swatches!


On Hand

left to right: Talk Beige - Rose Marsala - Orange Scene - Apple Red - Red Sing

On Lips

Talk Beige

Rose Marsala

Orange Scene

Apple Red

Red Sing


Apply the lip color with the inner curved surface of the pen tip, starting from the center of the lips, working toward the tail of the lips. Draw a lip line with the edged surface as a finishing touch.

The Pen Tip

With the pen tip, you can apply color to the lips and draw a lip line to define the lips.

The texture of THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid falls between cream and liquid. So it's quite runny but when applied on the lips it's actually condensed.

Applying BE01 Talk Beige

Applying BR01 Rose Marsala
Applying OR01 Orange Scene

Applying RD01 Apple Red

Applying RD02 Red Sing


When it comes to lip tint/ lip stain/ lip ink, I always have this mindset that it should be looking natural on me. I just love the idea of having "Fanta Lips" (or you may be more familiar with stained lips). So that's why in this review I only show you one layer of product applied on my lips.

BE01 Talk Beige

When I'm wearing this, it looks like I'm sick. And pale. But it's perfect for lip base or to create gradient lips. As for me, I need 2-3 layers of lipquid in order to get perfectly covered lips. Above picture is one layer of product on my lips.

BR01 Rose Marsala

Yes, it's Pantone Color of The Year 2015: Marsala. At first I was a bit skeptical about this shade since I'm not a big fan of Marsala. But it all faded away when I tried this for a first time. The color turned out to be ah-mazing on me. I thought that it will be browny mixed with purple or plum shades. But, it's more pinkish than what I thought. One layer of it is perfect for daily look, especially to achieve perfect "no-makeup" makeup look.

OR01 Orange Scene

This color is also different on my lips. Based on reviews and some promotional swatches, I thought it's gonna be vibrant orange. But it turned out to be peachy rather than tangerine. I actually have natural pink lips, so when I put on lipstick, it's hard to achieve exactly same color as in pot/pan/product. But nevermind, I love how it turned out on me. This is perfect for daily looks as well, which I love. I usually match the lip color with peach blush to achieve fun, sun-kissed look.

RD01 Apple Red

Nah, this is my most favorite shade out of 5 shades that I own. This shade is perfect for any occasion! When I am going to office I just put one layer of it. And when I need to go for a meeting with clients or have a night out with friends then I just have to put 2-3 layers to get that "Fanta lips" which I think suits me the best.

As for other shades, I actually put the product using the applicator but I have to smear it off with my fingers (to avoid putting too much lipquid which ended up making my lips become the center of unwanted attention). But for this shade, I can use the applicator freely as the shade blends in with my natural lip color.

RD02 Red Sing

When I want to get that vibrant, powerful look, I usually use this lipquid shade. It's very vibrant and glossy even when you just apply one layer of the product. So most of the time I mix this shade with Talk Beige to create gradient lips in order to make it wearable on daily basis.

My Look with THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid

Using Talk Beige

Using Orange Scene

Using Rose Marsala

Using Apple Red

In conclusion, I really love THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid because it allows me to build the layers. So it's pretty flexible, when I want to rock natural, "no-makeup" makeup look then yes it's perfect. And when I want to look more vibrant and bold, I just need to build the color by applying 2-3 layers of it on my lips.

But, even though it promises 12-Hour Moisturizing Serum Effect, after 3-4 hours of using usually my lips are dry and chapped. And it will be gone after you eat, so please be prepared to reapply this lipquid after eating.

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  1. Ahh sayang banget ga seberapa tahan lama ya mba tia? Yang orange scene seger banget di kamu :D

    1. iyaa, sekitar 2-3 jam apalagi kalo makan ya udah amblas.. hahhha.. Yang orange favorit akuuu <3

  2. sheer banget jadi nya > <
    setuju kalo buat no make up look tint ini bisa dipake karena so natural
    tapi ya gitu harus sering-sering touch-up,id

    1. iyaaa.. ternyata sheer banget, diapply harus berulang-ulang kalo mau keliatan jelas, jadi opsi terbaik dipakai buat sehari-hari ^^

  3. rose marsalanya cakep Tia <3 tp harga konternya mahal huuhuuuu

    The Journey

  4. yang apple red warnanya tsakeeepp..

    salam dari pipitta dotcom :)

  5. OMG kirain yg rose marsala bakal merah banget, taunya malah jadi paling natural jatohnya. Ah. Jadi naksir kan. Ah. Gawat nih :))))))))))))))

  6. 9Suka yg rose marsala.. warnanya natural dan bikin bibir terlihat lebih segar.. ;)

    MD Ayomi

    1. iya Marsala kirain bakal sedikit suram di wajah hehehe.. Ternyata tetep berefek menyegarkan :)


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