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Collagen is essential for our skin and that's why AGELEZ BIHAKU is now available here in Indonesia! Anti-aging supplement PREMIUM NANO COLLAGEN 13,500 mg from Japan just launched in The Ritz Carlton Ballroom Jakarta in January 2016. 

AGELEZ comes from Age Less Beauty, means that it will last forever! PREMIUM NANO COLLAGEN is liquid anti-aging supplement  from Japan with 11 premium ingredients like Salmon Ovary Peptide (No. 3 Japan Patent for anti-aging).

11 Premium Ingredients inside AGELEZ BIHAKU:

Contain 13,500mg Collagen from Salmon with fast-absorption system.

2. Salmon Ovary Peptide (Japan Patented)
Help to brighten up skin tone, tarnish dark spots, and produce new skin cells so that the skin looks younger. 

3. Salmon Protein Extract
Made from 18 amino acid (essence in anti-aging substance).

4. Phyto Ceramide (US Patented)
Act as sunscreen to protect our skin from the inside. 

5. Hyaluronic Acid
Lock water substance inside our skin so that skin will be moist, healthy, young, and radiant. 

6. L-Cysteine (untuk Detox)
Help our body to produce glutathione naturally. It works together with L-Cysteine to detoxify our liver. 

7. CO-Q10
Active antioxidant which actively repair bad skin cells, improve immune system and blood circulation so that our skin looks healthily glowing.
8. Elastin
Plump the skin, especially for breast and buttock. It helps to fight stretch marks. 

9. Biotin
Delay the growth of grey hair, strengthen the hair roots and nails. 

10. Vitamin C
Act as supporting factor to produce new collagen cells and help the production process for glutathione so that our skin looks brighter. This vitamin also act as supporter for immune system and energy.

11. Vitamin E
Act as antioxidant which is dissolved in fat and improve the smoothness of our skin. 

AGELEZ BIHAKU - PREMIUM NANO COLLAGEN is produced by the biggest pharmaceutical company in Japan; Daido Pharmaceutical Corp. The safety and effectivity of this product is undoubtedly high. 

Why you should choose AGELEZ BIHAKU? It's because this product is already ALL-IN-ONE, means that you do not need to buy several different supplements to accommodate your skin needs. Moreover, this product has fast-absorption system since the collagen has nano particle. 

And no more doubt because AGELEZ BIHAKU already obtained BPOM license for supplement category. It's surely SAFE for use.

You can buy this product in GUARDIAN for Rp 729.000

PREMIUM NANO COLLAGEN dapat dibeli di GUARDIAN dg harga Rp 729.000

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