Kamis, 28 April 2016


Earlier in April, I attended TALIKA Blogger Gathering in Seibu Beauty Lounge, Grand Indonesia along with some familiar faces. Sounds new to you? Here's quick explanation about TALIKA:


Skincare and vision unique wellness, bold textures, highly inspirational products, TALIKA is now strong specialized in more than 14,800 distribution outlets, 55 spas in 60 countries.

Over the years, TALIKA has developed a range of highly innovative beauty products to meet the expectations of women. TALIKA focuses on four critical and highly visible areas: eyes, hands, face and body. The promise of TALIKA is to offer products based on natural ingredients that guarantee visible results. This formula is the key to success TALIKA worldwide. In this unique position, TALIKA is a unique brand on niche segments, venturing into the unexplored trails of cosmetics.

I was greeted nicely by the representatives then escorted to get FREE hand spa. The hand spa was quick yet very nice!

Join the fun during the gathering with me and Carnellin by watching my event video!

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