Selasa, 14 Februari 2017

Wardah Youniverse Vibrantly Faithful Makeup Look

Hi everyone, this time I'm doing one brand makeup look using Wardah. Received a pretty box from Wardah and Clozette Indonesia.

This pretty hampers consist of 8 products, 2 of them are skin care products. For a reference, this is my face before the makeup.

First product is C-defense serum. I love that the product is super lightweight! Despite of the thickness of this serum, it absorbs quickly onto my skin. This serum is high in antioxidant due to vitamin C inside. 

I also love how compact the size of this serum is. It contains only 17ml and perfect to be brought anywhere you go.

Then, I apply C-Defense DD Cream. I'm quite surprised since the product has medium coverage despite of its lightweight texture!

This cream also has SPF 30 PA+++ which will protect your skin from the bad UV rays. The shade is a bit lighter for my skin tone though but it covers most of my skin imperfection (redness, acne spots, etc.)

You can see the difference below, see the coverage?

Last for complexion is the Lightening Two Way Cake Light Feel. Like the DD Cream, this Two Way Cake also contains SPF 15. 

Next is eyebrow! This eyebrow pencil that I've got is brown shade and it fits my eyebrow original shade perfectly. The pigmentation is just right and it has built-in brush on the other side of the pencil.

Next is the blush, since I don't have any Wardah eyeshadow, I decided to use the blush as eyeshadow instead.

I used the peach color for the whole eyelid and put the pink color on the outer corner of my eyes. I love the pigmentation of this blush, though it's too powdery so you gotta be careful when applying this blush.

One of most notable Wardah product that I've ever tried is the Eyexpert Liner. I've heard all the raves from beauty bloggers but this is actually my first encounter with this ah-mazing liner. The tip is just right! It's not too stiff, yet not too flexible. Perfect to create wing eyeliner and it has jet black color.

Last but not least (cause it's also one of Wardah most notable product for me), the Exclusive Matte Lip Cream. Heard a lot about this but yes also my first encounter since this lip cream is sold out almost everywhere.

I am not a big fan of this Pink Me (04) shade since it's too light and I can't wear this alone without full makeup. But with the right makeup, this shade slays! The texture of this lip cream is great, it glides smoothly and doesn't leave cracked lips. The applicator is also nice and flexible. This lip cream doesn't bleed nor it leaks to my teeth, so yes I love it!

Here's the final look!

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  1. Look-nya fresh banget, suka deh <3

  2. looknya cantik banget, bisa dipakai sehari harii <3

    Oh iyaa, perkenalkan aku Afra :D

    yuk mampir ke blog aku

    yuk follow followan juga di IG (afradzany) ya :D Salam keenaaallll

  3. hasil make up-nya bagus banget kak, suka.. apalagi riasan matanya..


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