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Dejavu Lasting Fine Pencil Liner & Fiberwig Mascara

Back with another Japanese brand! Yaaay.. Hahaha, I've been eyeing this brand from 2 years ago when I visited Japan and saw this Dejavu brand there. Finally Dejavu is officially available in Indonesia! So excited since I got to try the eyeliner and mascara from them. 

Now, let's talk about them one by one!

Dejavu Lasting Fine Pencil Liner

I am not a fan of pencil liner. Why? Because it will usually end up with lots of smudges. So I was a lil bit skeptical to try and test this product. But you know what? I changed my mind, LOL. Though it is (auto) pencil type, it stayed for more than 8 hours on my lid without any hint of smudges at all!

But before digging deeper about my experience, let's talk about the product first. The packaging is quite nice, red glossy packaging with small silver font on it. Previously, I thought that this is pen eyeliner due to the similarity of packaging design, hahaha. 

For the eyeliner tip, it is not sharp, so at first I was skeptical, will it able to create sharp and precise line along my eyelid? And yes, I have small problem in the beginning of application. It's hard to get a well-defined line and color.... It was blurry until I found out the 'right' technique. We should tilt the eyeliner a bit so that the color comes out and the line is well-defined.

And yes it can create various type of line, from the sharpest one to the thick line, as you can see from the above picture. 

What I love about this eyeliner is it able to create a well-defined and natural-looking eyeliner line, easily. Also, the pencil texture is just right, it's soft when applied, making it easy to bring out the color payoff.

Moreover, it claims to have 24-hour durability. Unfortunately, I never leave my eyeliner for 24-hour nonstop, so I can't say this claim is true. But yes, I wore it for 8 hours++ and it was still there. Besides, it is also smudge-proof, oil-proof, and waterproof (all I can say it's true).

And yes, it is super easy to remove. Though it says that it can be removed using warm water, I never did so, instead I use the makeup remover (micellar or wipes).

And since I told you there are some tricks needed to bring out the best of this amazing pencil liner, besides application technique, you need to pay attention in how you store this product. Do not keep it in a place with direct sun exposure and always close the cap immediately after using. One more thing, do not turn the pencil for too long, note that it is maximum 1mm!

And here's the before-after pictures!


My natural eyes is already big, but it is downturned, making me always looking tired and sleepy.

And as you can see, eyeliner makes a huuge different on me. With eyeliner, my eyes look brighter and fresher.


Dejavue Fiberwig Mascara

An eyeliner is not complete without its soulmate: Mascara. Yes, for this Dejavu brand, I am actually more familiar with the mascara compared to the eyeliner. I saw it a lot in Japanese magazines and also at the stores during my trip to Japan. 

Dejavu has a lot of variants for mascara, but this time I got to try and test Fiberwig Mascara. 

Similar to the eyeliner, the packaging design is simple with only silver font of the variant name on it. Though simple, I love it since it already has red bold color, lol. 

So Fiberwig Mascara has lengthening function, perfect for those of you who has short lashes. It claims to make your eyes look as if you're wearing fake eyelashes. The wand brush is quite big, but still slim and it has some fiber to coat the lashes. I find the wand to be easy to use and doesn't cause any clumpy lashes.

So let's try!



As you can see, I already possess long lashes, but it is straight. So I suppose that what I need is a mascara that can curl my lashes. But no worries, for daily wear I still prefer lengthening one as it is more natural.

How to use:
1. Apply Dejavu Fiberwig Mascara on the eyelashes horizontally
2. Then, re-apply it vertically
3. Last, curl it with the eyelash curler

However, I don't follow the direction since I think it's best to curl your lashes before mascara. And for daily use, I don't use any eyelash curler. Mascara is more than enough for me, but if you think that you'll need to use it, please just use it (it is just a matter of preference and need).


Tadaaa! My eyelashes are longer and a bit thicker with only using Fiberwig Mascara!

The result is not dramatic, but this is all that I need for my daily look. Just right, not too much. 

What I love more about this mascara is the durability. Yep, it is able to hold the lashes without any smudge and resist the water, sweat, and rub. As I also wear it together with the pencil liner, yep, it is able to stay for more than 8 hours, woohoo! And on another occasion, I tried to layer it few times and no clumpy lashes at all. 

Removing the mascara? No problem, similar to the liner, it is able to be removed without makeup remover. You can use warm water as well, but for me, I always remove any makeup with micellar cleanser or makeup wipes, and it's easy to be removed (please remember I don't use oil-based makeup remover).

Storage tips is similar to the pen eyeliner, so take care of it carefully!

And here's my picture after wearing the Pencil Liner+Mascara for more than 8 hours:


Ah-mazing, right? This duo is now basically living in my makeup pouch 😂  and it's hard to imagine to live without them #youretoomuchtia.

Interested to purchase? The Fine Pencil Liner is available for Rp 135,000, while Fiberwig Mascara costs Rp 188,000. Quite affordable for quality products and it is made in Japan!

If you're willing to buy, Dejavu is currently available only at:

- SOGO Kota Kasablanka
- SOGO Emporium Pluit Mall
- SOGO Mall Kelapa Gading 2
- SOGO Alam Sutera
- SOGO Pondok Indah Mall 2

Hopefully it will be available in more stores and online. More information about the brand and products, please visit their social media account below:
INSTAGRAM: @dejavu.indonesia

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