Jumat, 11 Agustus 2017

3 Reasons Why You Should Shop at Makeup Addict

Another new e-commerce is coming! It's Makeupaddict which hosts a number of beauty brands available in Indonesia. And here is why you should shop there. Read on!

MakeupAddict Indonesia is the official distributor for numerous beauty brands like The Balm, VOV, Absolute New York, and BYS. So if you're one of these brands' biggest fans, you should definitely check the site out.

Established just few months ago, now we don't even have to ask for our friends or relatives in Jakarta or other big cities just to get the products from those aforementioned brands. And also no more risking your money over inauthentic products sold online!

Here are 3 reasons why you should shop at Makeup Addict:

Authentic Products Only

As I told you before, Makeupaddict only sells authentic product which is guaranteed since they are the official distributor of the brands in Indonesia.

You don't want those fake cosmetics touching your precious skin, right?

And yes, all of the products is BPOM-certified. So it's absolutely safe for ya!

Safe and Fast Delivery

Another essential factor in deciding to purchase online is the delivery time. Sometimes, we're just not sure whether this site is trusted or not and there were times when our order delivered within such a long time. 

I was expecting the same thing when I ordered here (though I decided to purchase since it's under the official distributor here). Surprisingly, my order came in less than 3 days after I checked out (it's Sunday) so I am satisfied customer here. 

For the shipment, currently they are using TIKI, but I don't know whether they will add more partners or not. Better yes, even with Go-Jek I recommend (hope they're reading).

Exciting Promotions

If you check their website or instagram account, you will know that Makeupaddict has a LOT of promotion going on regularly. There are a lot of SALE items, not to forget the thematic promotion as well. So, make sure you pay a visit at http://makeupaddict.co.id/ to discover interesting, authentic beauty brands. And yes it will be delivered right on your doorstep!

Thanks Clozette Indonesia for the chance to try out this new, exciting beauty commerce.

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