Selasa, 31 Maret 2009

Old Days: Thrift Shop Fever

After the craziness of my midterm result, I decided to entertain myself by looking at some old pics (crazy pics I mean). Those are the pics we made when we were still goin' crazy with that thrift-shopping fever (yeah, me and my crazy fellas). Actually, at that time we found that the shop was having the new collection for party dresses. Some of those dresses are pretty fabulous, I think, but, still, the prices are very, very, very UNREASONABLE for secondhand clothes. They charged IDR 90,000 for each clothes. Maybe some of you think that it's cheap, but for me it's not cheap enough. Then, because we were loyal customers at that time -every time we went shopping there, we buy 3-5 clothes per person-, they had no problem with us, trying as many dress as we want. Crazy. Really, we went crazy at that time. So I put on about 5 clothes and found out that only 2 clothes suited me best. I put on the pics here! Please drop comments...

from left to right: vita, me, dezca
acting like party girls (hell, yeah)

in the fitting room

pink polka dress
Once again, I only can mention that these dresses are only being borrowed by us to be taken in these pics. Sorry to the staff there! ;p
Maybe some of you recognize this store? :p


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