Sabtu, 07 Maret 2009

recommended: Roiworld

Recently, I have been visiting this cool site; Roiworld. This site is really both cute and cool, really into the fashionable and stylish. I’ve known this site since I was in the Senior High, but unfortunately, during my first semester in college, they updated the site and I can’t open it. So, I am so happy to know that now, this site is opened again! Actually, Roiworld now collaborating with another company (which I think is Lifetime; you can see it on the bottom of the page).

I really love to reunite again with my no. 1 dress-up games’ website, but I do not really like the doll now. The old dolls are just more beautiful and unique. Then, I also do not really like the layout of the games. Now, the size of the game is smaller than before, and of course I ‘m not comfortable with it. But, there is always a good news girls, I like the language now, long time ago, Roiworld was only available in Korean, that’s my biggest problem at that time. I don’t understand the language, so I can’t join the “Challenge”. Anyway, “Challenge” is the term in Roiworld that allows the member of it to join the contest and being voted by other members there. I love that feature, so much.

Here is some of my work there; I applied for the “Challenge”, too!

Avant-garde Games

Forgot the games' name :p I name this style: Preppy chic

This is my first Challenge! I made this for Fashion No-nos game

Maybe I just need some of your feedback, here or there. You can join me there by visit this.

Hope you love it.



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